• Eve and Roarke. It is Eve Dallas and Roarke together. Wallpaper and background images in the In Death Series club tagged: eve dallas and roarke roarke eve dallas dallas eve cops in death j.d. robb death.

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    It is Eve Dallas and Roarke together

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XanTech said:
I'm going to be honest here and say... I don't like it. The people in this portrait are visibly older than the character Eve and Roarke in the In Death series. The best depiction any reader should have of Eve is Nora Roberts author portraits on the back of the books, as that would be close enough to being short and choppy as well as the bone structure matching which matches how Eve is often described (minus the dent in the chin). The guy in this portrait appears to be Hugh Jackman in which case the hair does not match Roarke's in shape or color. I guess everyone has to start somewhere though.
posted over a year ago.