Part14- Goenji's story

A week had past since Satsuki and Ichinose had joined the Raimon chu soccer club. Already both players were in the same routine as their new teammates. They knew all the tactics, the different positions everyone was supposed to be in, and got their jerseys.  (her # was 19)
Satsuki, for the first time in the nine years, felt complete. She had friends, her nakama, to fill the hole that was once empty. She still thought of fubuki and atsuya often, but every time she did, there would be no sadness, she knew that they were with her always. 

At school (morning)...
Satsuki saw three of her friends walking to Raimon.
Satsuki: "hi Gouenji nichan! (short for onichan) hi captain and Aki!" 
Satsuki had registered to go to Raimon chu since she knew she would not be going back to America... Not yet.
She had ended up being in the same class of Gouenji, Endou, and Aki. How lucky was she!? Also, since Gouenji was a brother like person to her she decided to call him nichan from time to time. She also started calling Endou, captain.
Aki: "hi satsuki! Did you have a good nights sleep?"
Satsuki: "well, not really. I was too excited to start school at Raimon!"
The four friends laughed.
Endou: "yeah! You should be excited. Raimon is a great school, plus after school we have practice! Haruna will have our next opponent! I wonder who it is!?"
Gouenji: "ai kawarazu atsuku natteru ne?"
Endou: "mochiron! If we win this next match we go to the finals!"
Then Kazemaru ran up to the group of four and joined them.
Kazemaru: "minna ohayo!"
All: "ohayo!"
Satsuki: "ohayo Kazemaru kun." she gave him one of her sweetest smiles.
It had taken a while for him not to blush every time she smiled at him, but this time he couldn't help himself. He liked her a lot, but satsuki wasn't interested in any of that, at least not yet....
Then, up in front of him Someoka walked around the corner.
Aki: "Someoka kun ohayo!"
He turned to them and smiled. 
They all walked together and talked as they got to Raimon chu...

The day went by fast. Satsuki had done well in all of her classes/subjects, considering that she was supposed to be two years ahead of her grade. She had actually eaten lunch with a lot of friends, something she hadn't really experienced before. Then, school had ended and it was time for soccer...

Satsuki and Gouenji were walking to the soccer field. As they got closer, they saw Haruna. That's when they knew she was going to announce the next team opponent. 
They got on the field just as Endou was gathering up the rest of the team. When everyone was gathered...
Haruna: "minna! Tsugi no taisen aite wa..."
She looked at Gouenji...
Haruna: "Kidowasaishuu"
Everyone in the team gasped except for Satsuki and Ichinose. Gouenji's eyes grew big.
Satsuki: "whats wrong?"
No one answered...then...
Gouenji: "it's nothing," and he walked off the field.

Ichinose: "Aki, what was that about?"
Satsuki and Ichinose had been asking her and the rest of team about what was wrong with Kidokawashashu, but no one told them. Not even Kazemaru, which Satsuki tired to give him the sweetest smile ever, but he said he couldn't tell.
Aki: "I'm sorry Ichinose kun, but the only person that can tell you is Gouenji."
Satsuki was frustrated, she wanted to know what was bothering everyone and Gouenji, but how could she? Everyone was hiding something!
As they walked out of the school gates, Kurimatsu and Shishido ran up to the three.
Shishido: "hurry! Captains picking a fight with the Mukata San Kyodai!"
Satsuki: "who?"
Kurimatsu: "three members of Kidokawashashu! Come on!"
The five began to run.
Ichinose: "you know it doesn't seem like Endou."
Aki: "Shishido kun? Are you sure they were going to fight?"
Shishido: "yes! I'm sure! Captain said that he would take Gouenji's place if he wasn't going to do it!"

Satsuki: *mumble* "Shishido, you jumped to conclusions just a little..."
When the five had gotten to the field with the bridge and the river beside it, they saw that Endou and the Mukata brothers were having a soccer battle. Gouenji and Kidou were watching on the sidelines."
As they watched from the top of the hill they saw that one of the brothers was about to use a hissatsu waza at Endou. The strange thing was, was that the form of the waza was the same formation as Gouenji's fire tornado...except backwards. He yelled "BACK TORNADO!" the middle brother soun backwards and kicks the ball. The blue fired soccer ball flew at Endou, but he used his waza... "GOD HAND!!!!" Endou had stopped the ball... Then after catching the ball to more flew by on both sides of his head. 
Mukata brothers: "we win!"
Endou: "Hey!!!! You can't kick three balls at a time! How is anyone supposed to catch that! Especially a hissatsu waza?"
First brother: "he can't catch it..."
Second brother: "so, he's useless..."
Third brother: "Kidokawashashu is the strongest team!"
Voice: "stop!"
Everyone at the bottom of the hill looked up. The people on the hill looked right. 
Standing there was an adult and a kid about Satsuki's age. 
Gouenji: "kantoku!?"
(So he's Kidokawa's coach, satsuki thought...)
Kantoku: "I told you three to leave Raimon and especially Gouenji alone. You'll see them at the game..."
After a long talk with the three brothers, the kantoku led them away from the field, while mouthing something to Gouenji. Then...
Aki and Ichinose: "Nishigaki!!!"
The boy with the coach turn around, looked at the people that had called their name, and gave a huge smile.
Nishigaki: "Aki, Ichinose!"
As they got to each other they started talking and asking questions. Aki called Domon to come to the field. Apparently he was a friend of theirs before they had moved to America and had joined Kidokawa's team, but Satsuki was more concerned with Gouenji. After the coach had left, Endou, Kidou, Shishido, and Kurimatsu had gone and returned to the school. Aki and Ichinose went with Nishigaki to go meet up with Domon somewhere.
Gouenji had sat down on the hill with his head down.
Satsuki: "Nichan, what's wrong?"
Gouenji looked up at her with tears in his eyes.
Gouenji: "you remind me of her..."
Satsuki: "who?"
Gouenji: "my little sister Yuuka, that got in a car accident."
Satsuki: "oh..."
Gouenji: "she was high spirited, funny, and adorable. I absolutely loved her..."
Satsuki: "lov-ED? Is she alright!?"
Gouenji: "sort of... If you count okay as, being stuck in a comma for a year, than yes, she fine."
Satsuki went over to him and gave him a hug.
Satsuki: "I'm sorry..."
Gouenji: "don't be it was my fault anyways," he said bitterly. If I hadn't played soccer, she would be awake and living..." he gripped a pendant on a necklace he was wearing.
Gouenji: "on her way to the championship game last year, when I was still in Kidokawa's team, she was hit by a car. If I hadn't played soccer, she wouldn't have gone to that game. That's why I missed the last championship game last year. That's why Kidokawa's team lost last year... Because I wasn't there."
He paused for a minute.
Gouenji: "I hadn't played soccer the whole year since her accident till I moved to this school. I had saved a little girl with a soccer ball tight in front of Endou. He wouldn't leave me alone till I joined, but I just couldn't. Then there was a day he had followed me to the hospital when I went to go see Yuuka. He had finally figured out why I didn't play soccer, but still, never gave up on me. Endou's amazing. A single word and he can change everything. After seeing the Mukata brothers I don't know if I can face anybody on their team. I had failed them."
Satsuki: *whisper* "no... It's their fault, not yours."
Gouenji: "???"
Satsuki: "they should have been ready to go against any team without out you. They shouldn't have put everything on you! They should be mad at themselves for not getting as good as you! Do they even know about Yuuka?"
Gouenji: "I don't know..."
Satsuki: "I promise you, we'll win against them. We'll give Yuuka something fir her to be proud of."
Gouenji was sad, but still smiled. Satsuki really did remind him of Yuuka. They were both determined to do anything.
Gouenji: "thank you satsuki chan."
Satsuki smiled...
Satsuki: "after we win that game, were both going to tell Yuuka! I want to see my little sister!" *wink*

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