All charecters of Inazuma Eleven is going to a prom. Everyone has their own pair. But our Jude Sharp hasn't got his pair yet. So he's looking for a suitable girl for him,specially for Tory. Suddenly he saw tory standing at a side.
He gathered courege and went to her.

Jude: Tory,will you dance with me tonight?

Before Tory said yes or no,Harley appeared and grabbed Tory's hand.

Harley: C'mon Tory,lets dance.

Tory fell into doubt.Who's prom she'll be? Harley's or Jude's.
But Jude became sad watching this.He wanted to say Tory many things today night.Now Harley will take her in front of him? Jude became frustrated.
Tory noticed that.She freed her hand from Harley.

Tory: C'mon Jude I'll go with you.

But Jude made up his mind.

Jude: No Tory go with Harley. Enjoy your night !

Saying so,he went out. Tory also became sad.

Harley: C'mon Tory lets go.
Tory: (Angry) No. Get out !
Harley: You too ! Geez ! Do whatever you want !

He also went out. Tory tried to find Jude but she couldn't. She became annoyed. Suddenly she saw Jack.

Tory: Jack,lets go dancing.

Jack was not only surprised but also afraid.

Jack: Are you ok Tory senpai? what are you saying?

Tory grabbed Jack's hand and went to the dance floor.

Jack: Senpai ! I can't dance ! Senpai !

Tory didn't pay heed to his words.