Cloaked figure 1: Welcome everyone!

Cloaked figure 2: You shall never leave!! mwa-ha-ha-ha

Cloaked figure 1: *Takes off cloak and reveals to be Aphrodi* Really..? That's your best opening!?

Cloaked figure 2: *Takes cloak off and reveals to be Tsunami* What? you said to be scary dude...

Aphrodi: Just forget it you surf bum! On with the show!

Tsunami:........Dude..Th-that was uncalled for..
Fudou: BENCH!


Fudou: BENCH!


Kogure: Will they ever stop?!

Kidou: I seriously doubt it...*sweatdrops*

Genda: *Sighs* Why are we even here again?

Gouenji: Endou invited us over for a 'game night'..

Burn: This is soo boring!! Right Gazel?....Gazel....OI ICE PRINCESS! LISTEN TO ME WHEN I'M COMPLAINING ABOUT STUFF!!


Burn: Grrrr....*Whacks Gazel over the head*

Gazel: WTF!! Why did you do that?!?!?

Burn: You weren't listening to me girly boy!

Gazel:...*Mumbles* Dumb ass..

Shadow:....Well so much for a 'game night'...

Aphrodi: I think it's actually fun ^^ *playing snakes & ladders* *His piece lands on a snake* grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......AGGGHHHH!!

Fudou & Sakuma: WHAA-!!!! *Falls off couch*

Everyone else: *Nearly had a heart attack*

Someoka:...I think I wet myself...*Gets up and leaves*

Fubuki: *Next to Someoka*...eewww..*Moves to the left*

Endou: *Walks in* Hey everyone! Are ya having fun?

Kazemaru: What does it look like to you..?

Endou: oh.....

Fudou: This is lame...And to think I chose this over asking Haruna out...

Kidou: *Death glares at Fudou: Fudou Akio...Did you just say you were going to ask MY sister out!?!?!

Fudou: *Smirks* Maybe..Maybe not..

Kidou: Why you-!! *Tackles Fudou*

Everyone: *Sweatdrops*

Endou: Hey! I know what we can do!

Hiroto: Yeah, what is it Endou-kun?

Endou: Everyone! Follow me to the basment!


~In basment~

Everyone: HOLY MOTHER OF-!!!!!! *Sees a GIANT Monopoly board*

Endou: Let's play!

Shadow: How much did this cost you..?

Endou: My entire college funds...

Everyone: *Sweatdrops*...You're kidding, right?

Endou: Nope! Now sit down and choose what you are!

Everyone: *Sits down*

Genda: Who's bank?

Kidou: I'll be it. Since most of you cheat..

Burn: I'm red! *Grabs red card*

Gazel: Blue...*Grabs blue card*

Shadow: Black! *Grabs black card*

Aphrodi: Green! *Grabs green card*

Gouenji: Orange...*Grabs orange card*

Sakuma:......Purple...=.= *Grabs purple card*

Genda:...Dark blue..*Grabs dark blue card*

Fudou: You guys hate me don't you?! *Grabs pink card*

Aphrodi: I'm the dove!

Sakuma: Penguin! I call it!

Shadow:...Grim Reaper....o-o

Gazel: I'll take the car so I can run over all of you nitwits if you get in my way..

Burn: *Sweatdrops* Dragon..

Genda: I'll be the man on the horse..

Gouenji: Dog..

Kidou: Well Fudou, there's only one left..*Smirks*

Fudou: *Eye twitches* *Staring at a pink fluffy bunny statue*......f-fine!

~One hour later~

Burn: And I would like to buy Tokyo and put a house on it!

Gouenji: You can only put on houses when you complete the set

Burn: Forget the stupid rules. Free for all I say!

Shadow: Here, here!

Burn: See? Shadow agrees!

Gouenji: Fine. *turns to Aphrodi* Dipshit, roll..

Aphrodi: *Rolls a 6* 2M please!

Kidou: *Scowles* *Hands over monopoly money*

Gazel: Wait? Wasn't it Genda's turn?

Genda: We swapped places..

Sakuma: *Rolls dice and lands on Montreal* Buying with a hotel. An make it a pyramid please!

Kidou: *Sweatdrops* A pyramid in Montreal? Where did you get the money? You only passed start once!

Sakuma: I still have 5M left..

Genda: Suckers! xD *Lands on free parking*

Fudou: Nononononononooooooooo! *Shouts as Genda gets 6M*

Gouenji: *Points at Gazel* Your car ran over my dog!

Gazel: It was a stray anyway. Vancouver please..

Sakuma: Haha. Roadkill! xDD

Aphrodi: *Something clicks in his mind* Why aren't we going in turns?

Shadow: Who cares? We're going randomly. Cape Town please..

Genda: Shad. You've only got like, 2M left ya know?

Shadow: *Nods*

Gazel: *Runs over Genda's piece* Die you stupid horse rider! Shanghai please.

Genda: Stop riding over me! I got free parking!

Fudou: *Curses* Dammit! I owe Shadow 20m!

Shadow: Pay up mohawk!

Fudou: *Hands over money* *Mumbles* F***ing emo bastard...

~Hours later~

Kidou: Finally! It's over...

Gouenji:...Soo, who won?

Burn: I have know idea...

Aphrodi: Hey, where did Endou go?

Gazel: I think he went up stairs to watch tv with Fubuki and Someoka...

Fudou: What time is it? *Yawns*

Genda: *Looks at watch* *Sweatdrops* 3am.....

Sakuma:...We were...playing for that long...

Everyone: *Sweatdrops*

~The End~