Inazuma Eleven Help Inazuma Eleven DS win a poll by Level-5 International America Inc.

Barobar posted on Jul 27, 2011 at 02:12AM
Hey guys, we need your support. The people who make the Inazuma Eleven games finally opened an office in America and they just made a poll asking which game people are interested in. Go to their page and vote for Inazuma Eleven DS to show them that there is an interest in the games. Let's show the fans of those other games that we Inazuma fans kick ass. No pun intended. Here's the link:

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over a year ago janel4298 said…
ok, i'll vote.
over a year ago kitakedo said…
the votes for inazuma eleven is super low.
over a year ago janel4298 said…
@kitakedo, true