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2ntyOnePilots said …
Back Posted 1 month ago
ShadowFan100 said …
For a while, my sleeping schedule was going fine. But then I occasionally get back into this awful cycle of never completely feeling refreshed, even after going to sleep. It gets to a point where I don’t even remember my mind shutting off, so it literally feels like time just flew by. It’s like I go to sleep, I just can’t remember the part where I actually was sleeping. So, I wake up feeling like crap, regardless if I sleep I not. And it sucks not having energy 24/7. Posted 2 months ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
It also doesn’t always help that I have to be at work every Monday and Friday at 9AM. It takes me an hour just to get there (if there’s no traffic), so I have to be up no later than 7AM. I swear if I don’t get this straightened out, I’ll go nuts. 2 months ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
And to give you an example: I’m certain that I only slept for 6 hours. Usually, I feel fine, but there a damn 3 hour gap in between. And because of this, I’ve felt like shit all day. 2 months ago
2ntyOnePilots said …
Well.. here we are guys. A new club- 3 members wow. My almost-nocturnal ass will probably b here a lot. Posted 2 months ago
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
I'm sorta nocturnal myself. 2 months ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
Nice club, I didn’t know you’d actually make this. But I’m glad. I’m on mobile right now, and it won’t let me become a fan unless on my desktop. I can’t use my desktop because my WiFi is being an ass. 2 months ago