This is Teddy's point of view of leaving the Hunters of Artemis.. Yupperoni.


It was night time.
The stars were shining brightly and the moon was that toenail shape that I thought was hilarious. I watched the shooting stars I admired and wished on every single one of them.
My bow and arrow pack were strapped to my back, my braid flowing slightly in the soft breeze. My orange eyes flickered over the trees, the ground, and the sky. I was deep in thought.
There was a crack.
In five seconds flat I had my bow off my back, the arrow notched at the persons face.
Thalia grinned. "Nice move, Kellogg."
I groaned and put down my bow and put the arrow back in the bag. "Thalia, don't scare me like that!" I sat down back on the ground covered with moss.
Thalia grinned bigger. "Sorry, Teddy. Artemis wants to see you."
My insides froze and I swear, my heart stopped. Artemis knew. She had to have known. She's a goddess. Artemis must have found out. I swallowed hard and nodded. I stood back up and brushed off the back of my parka pants. "Thanks Thals."
Thalia took me to the main tent and opened the flap, "Teddy is here to see you." Thalia said, and I walked in.
Artemis was in her normal form (The form of a twelve year old girl), her brown hair in a braid down her back, her silvery glow shining like the moon. Her silver eyes sparkled in the fire light, and I immediately thought of Anna. I felt homesick.
I sat down across from Artemis, on one of the many silver sparkle pillows. "Lady Artemis, what did you need to see me for?" I asked, silently praying to my mother that Artemis wouldn't turn me into a jackalope or any other animal for that matter.
"Teddy, I hear you wish to leave the Hunters." She said, her voice calm, getting straight to the point. I swallowed hard and nodded slightly, scared to do anything else. "Well..." She paused as if to collect her thoughts. "I guess that is your choice. The Hunters are not for everyone. What made you decide to leave?" She asked, petting her silvery-white wolf, Molly.
I silently did a happy-nerd dance inside my head then I paused for a fraction of a second, deciding if I should tell her the full reason. "Well..." I said, quietly, deciding to tell the full reason. "When you turned Ryan into a jackalope and Ben into a Do do bird... I guess... Well... Ben was my first crush, and Ryan was my boyfriend for a very short while. And... I guess I realized... I like boys." I saw Artemis face twist in disgust. "I want to grow up, get married, have children of my own... I want to be able to date and have my actual first kiss and... and be able to have a baby girl with the guy I love." I looked at Artemis and sighed. "I'm really sorry Lady Artemis... I truly am. I just.. I can't be a Hunter anymore."
I stared at the ground, waiting for the pain and impacting that would come from being turned into an animal.
The pain never came.
"Teddy, go in peace. I do not understand your choice at all, but I do understand why you would want to have children. They are joyous to have." She stood up, and I mimicked her.
"Thank-you, Lady Artemis..." I bowed to her. She smiled softly and nodded.
"You'll find your friends in the Bermuda Triangle, with your friend Alex as the leader. Find your friends, daughter of Hestia, and never let them go. Their your life preserver in this world you live." I headed towards the door when Artemis called, "And do tell Anna, Lark, and Jesse I say hello."
I turned, smiling, and nodded.
I ran to my tent and changed quickly into my batman shirt, shorts, and my black hightop converse and yanked on a jacket, all the while, packing my bag. I hugged my Hunter friends good-bye and gave an extra big one to my wolf I've come to love, Lana.
Then I ran out into the cool night in search of my family.


This sucks... IK. xD
"I'm leaving the Hunters of Artemis. I'm going to find my true family and the true place I belong. I'm going to grow up, make mistakes with boys, and be the daughter of William and Hestia I should have been all along."