Internet Camp Half-Blood The Disappearance of Alexandria Chance

Alex13126 posted on Apr 09, 2012 at 03:40AM
Rating: T

Type: Fantasy

Characters: Alex, Anna, Cam, Cloud, Lark, Evan, Jem, Zoey, Dakota, Hope, Bell, Star

Synopsis: Overcome with the temptation to see her sister again, Alex steals away to the Underworld. Little does she know what she will encounters on the way there. And I'm not just talking about monsters.

Disclaimer: Demigods and CHB belong to RR
The characters Alex, Cam, Hope, Zoey, and Jem belong to me
Anna and Dakota belong to Leah
The idea, Star, Cloud, Bell, and the plot belong to both of us
Lark belongs to ArtemisDianna
Evan belongs to Evan xD

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