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The fans pick: I think he's a good person but can be a real idiot at times!
The fans pick: Akane
The fans pick: Nope! T-T Needs to be more
The fans pick: akane
The fans pick: akane
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InuYasha and Ranma 1/2 Wall

fansfunsz said …
wow Posted over a year ago
pinkbun17 commented…
Thanks? over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
u are welcome over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
when i say wow o waw is because i like something not 4 for spamming o random over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
hi hello nice to met u over a year ago
sheenstar said …
god there are soooo manepisodes of inuyasha and ranma...anyone got an idea as to how many ranma episodes there are...i als will come out clean that i love shampoo, shes so funny
also is it jus me or is other episodes of ranma's voice isa just like inuyasha??? Posted over a year ago
pinkbun17 commented…
Ranma 1/2 has 161 eps, and 13 OVA eps, as well as 2 movies and a live action film that came out last year. over a year ago
pinkbun17 commented…
For a while Ranma had InuYasha's voice actor, but was switched back to Sarah Strange. Personally, I think both voices suit them well. Haha, funny how Ranma had 'InuYasha's' voice first! XD over a year ago
soulfire524 said …
乱あ - literally translates 'Oh Ran' but its used for Ranma x Akane, if you copy and paste 乱あ in a search engine google ect, and search images images you get really good pics of ranma and akane by japanese artists. Posted over a year ago
pinkbun17 commented…
Wow, I didn't know that... But still cool! over a year ago
soulfire524 commented…
I use it a lot to find good images on You could also copy and paste 犬かご . Its translated something like Dog basket, but its for Inuyasha X Kagome. Pixiv also has lotsa good images of them too! over a year ago