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[InuYasha OST 2] Zoutou

[InuYasha OST 2] Naraku no Yabou

[InuYasha OST 2] Shouki

[InuYasha OST 2] Shippuu no Gotoku

[InuYasha OST 2] I am (TV size)

[InuYasha OST 1] My will (TV size)

[InuYasha OST 1] Daihangeki

[InuYasha OST 1] Shitou

[InuYasha OST 1] Jaki

[InuYasha OST 1] Reiryoku

[InuYasha OST 1] Kagome to InuYasha

[InuYasha OST 1] Kanashimi no Hate ni

[InuYasha OST 1] Aika

[InuYasha OST 1] Hiun no Miko Kikyou

[InuYasha OST 1] Shikon

[InuYasha OST 1] Shuugeki

[InuYasha OST 1] Jayou Naraku

[InuYasha OST 1] Fuonna Kehai

[InuYasha OST 1] Aikyacchi B

[InuYasha OST 1] Bojou

[InuYasha OST 1] Unmei to Koigokoro

[InuYasha OST 1] Taijiya Sango

[InuYasha OST 1] Kazaana

[InuYasha OST 1] Furyou Houshi Miroku

[InuYasha OST 1] Kogitsune Youkai Shippou

[InuYasha OST 1] Osuwari!

[InuYasha OST 1] Nomi no Jijii Myouga

[InuYasha OST 1] Shikon no Tama o Tomete

[InuYasha OST 1] Mura no Ichinichi

[InuYasha OST 1] Ganbare! Houjou-kun

[InuYasha OST 1] Dokidoki Ukiuki

[InuYasha OST 1] Toki o Koete Kagome

[InuYasha OST 1] Aikyacchi A

[InuYasha OST 1] Youen

[InuYasha OST 1] Kyuuchi

[InuYasha OST 1] Kiba no Ken Tessaiga

[InuYasha OST 1] Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimouryou

[InuYasha OST 1] Youkei Sesshoumaru

[InuYasha OST 1] Kakushi Ido kara Sengoku Jidai e

[InuYasha OST 1] Hanyou InuYasha

[InuYasha OST 1] Sabutaitoru

[InuYasha OST 1] Shukumei no Tabi e

[InuYasha OST 1] CHANGE THE WORLD (TV size)

You have to watch this

Inuyasha & Kagome Breath

.Inuyasha - Two Worlds

AMV InuYasha - I Will Always Return

.You can't take me

.Kikyo//Inuyasha//Kagome .::Heavy::.

Hakudoshi's Death

Kaze Tsukai Kagura

Inuyasha's Power

Inuyasha AMV! -- All I Ever Wanted

Come close to me (7th ending)

hate this part


Rin is Sesshomaru's Bumble Bee

InuYasha Ending 2

The Story of InuYasha Rap

Inuyasha (Real better) Character Themes

Kagome megamix

Inuyasha - Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

Inuyasha and Friends- Fire Burning

Sango- Fighter

JUST TO HURT YOU // InuYasha• Kikyo• Kagome

♥тнє♥ ∂αу♥ нαѕ♥ ¢σмє♥

Inuyasha YTP-Sesshomaru Wants A Boat

Inuyasha Episode 23 Kagome's Voice And Kikyo's Kiss

Inuyasha-Bankotsu Moments

Inuyasha OST 2:Beautiful Memories

InuYasha & Sango - [ What Lies Inside... ]

InuYasha The Deleted Scene - [adult swim]

Inuyasha OST 1-Sad Song

Sesshomaru AMV-Dance With The Devil

Inuyasha English Cast Interview Part 2

Inuyasha English Cast Interview Part 1

Sesshomaru's Theme Song

Inuyasha's Theme Song

Inuyasha Movie 4:Fire On Mystic Island(Sub)

Inuyasha Movie 3:Swords Of An Honorable Ruler(Sub)

Inuyasha Movie 2:The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass(Sub)

Inuyasha Movie 1:Affections Touching Across Time(Sub)

「IDS」 Evanescence Megamix

Inuyasha Movie 4:Fire On Mystic Island(Dub)

Inuyasha Movie 2:The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass(Dub)

Inuyasha Movie 1:Affections Touching Across Time (Dub)

inuyasha car alarm (hilarious!!!)

Inuyasha gets 1,000,000

Inuyasha Couples Fight-Dane Cook

Burger King-Inuyasha

Inuyasha Bathrooms-Dane Cook

Inuyasha's Hot Kool Aid

Inuyasha Gets Drunk

Inuyasha Randomness

InuYasha Episode 162: Forever with lord sesshomaru

Cell Block Tango Inuyasha Girls


Hellfire {Naraku♥Kikyo}

Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru Let My People Go

Inuyasha and Kagome:Adult Swim Promo