Chapter One: The Seemingly Endless Journey Comes to an End

    Marlia walked through the swampiest part of the marsh, she had to stop soon, she had been walking for what seems to her to be a full cycle.     
“They should’ve been back by now.” Marlia growled, slumping over in the thick mud. “This is starting to stain my fur. Scarlet and Raven said they would be back before sundown!” Marlia snarled, she sighed and padded on. Her pads were probably bleeding by now, and the ridiculousness of the two slackers wasn’t helping in the slightest bit. She growled as the mud squished through her paws. Meanwhile, farther away in the actual forest, Raven and Scarlet were doing even worse.
“Scarlet, we’ve been walking for at least a moon, we need to find Marlia!” Raven yipped, Scarlet snarled.
“No! Not until we can prove to her that we can catch our own prey!” Scarlet snarled back. Raven took a paw step back; she knew not to make Scarlet angrier than she already was. “B- But, Scarlet, there is no prey here.” Raven said, her muzzle had been raked by the claws of a dog they had run into on the path they took to get where they were now, it was still slightly bleeding.
“There has to be, there always is!” Scarlet argued, her claws unsheathing. “No! There isn’t! May the guardians of the star spirits guide your way, I’m going my own route.” Raven said, her growl low and angry, she padded back the way they came, back to Marlia. Scarlet’s eyes widened.
“You can’t do this on your own! No creature could on this path!” Scarlet snarled. She looked down and glared. “Not even me.” Raven stopped right in her tracks. Her ear twitched, she glanced back. “Then clean the cobwebs from your head and come with me.” Raven said, retracting her claws. Scarlet jerked her head up, and stared at Raven.
    Marlia went on, trying to look for the forest, to make a den for the night. It was almost moonhigh when she reached the edge of the marsh. She shook herself, flinging mud everywhere as soon as she touched solid ground. She was a few pawlengths from a cave; she sniffed the area for predators and other wolves. “Okay, it’s all clear.” Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a small hare, she crouched as its back was turned.
    She licked her muzzle, and pounced, and then, she felt her claws sink into something warm and sticky, her eyes brightened up as she moved her blood splattered paws. She began to dig into its lifeless body. She licked her muzzle and claws, and retreated into her cave. The next morning during sunhigh, she opened her eyes to the two slackers eating fresh kill right outside the cave.
“I see you’re awake.” Scarlet said, glancing back at Marlia. Marlia padded out of the cave, her pads still aching from at least two moons of walking with hardly any breaks at all.
Chapter Two: The Meet-Up
    Marlia slumped over beside them, she glanced down at the remains of a small hare. Scarlet pushed towards her.
“We’re done” She said, edging it closer to her. The two “slackers” stood up and headed into the cave, for a quick rest before going any farther. “When will we be going farther?” Raven asked, her head setting her head against her paws. Scarlet glanced over. “Maybe during the spring, when it’s warmer.” Scarlet said.
    Marlia finished and wandered off into the forest.