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AlixRed Vampires
AlixRed Alone Time
Am I Cute Red?
Ali Looking Sexy
AlixRed Anime Style
AlixRed Kittens
Bridal Style AlixRed
AlixRed Kiss
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The fans pick: invader zim
invader zim
invader tak
The fans pick: ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!
ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!
The fans pick: I don't know what you are talking about.
I don't know what you are talking about.
HA HA! YES! And I love them!
The fans pick: no way
no way
The fans pick: GIR and Ms. Bitters
GIR and Ms. Bitters
GIR and Gaz
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1 fan has answered this question
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Invader Zim Wall

invader_bruce said …
jnkjwednjvbnwerberwjbejbfjbfjbwekjbfkjejwekbwfkjbjkewbfjbejbjkwbfwbjkbkfbkwejkbjekejwkewkejejewjkewjfn Posted 4 months ago
Mei-Ling said …
I wish they'd never cancelled this show but there is a chance it will come back on nickelodeon with new episodes if Invadercon 3: Final Doom is a success so let's hope for the best Posted 5 months ago
tyger002 commented…
I hope so too 5 months ago
Mei-Ling commented…
Thanks tyger002 5 months ago
tyger002 commented…
Your welcome 5 months ago
Girfan100 said …
im gonna roll around the floor now kay? -starts rolling on carpet- Posted 5 months ago