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Article by JYKTheDeadly posted over a year ago
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Hey guys.

It's been so long since I've visited Fanpop. I'm sad to see this club so dead now, but that's in the past.

I've seen many older members post these sorts of articles, so I thought I'd put in my own 2 cents.

For those of you who don't know, I was InvaderG (more commonly known as InvaderKaosu). I started using Fanpop when I was 9 (crazy right?) and LOVED it. I would come home every day from school just to say hi to everyone.

Drama started when I was about 10. I left my InvaderG account and moved to InvaderKaosu. Unfortunately, I decided to act on jealousy and stole Zerna's art and character, Sadi. You can find her dA account here: link. zerna.deviantart.com

I received a shitload of hate (rightfully so), and left for a couple of years.

I haven't been able to tell you guys how sorry I am. I hurt a lot of people and it was disgusting of me to do so. Many of my friends have left this site (Saber, Sasha, Moon,etc.) but I really wish we would've known each other better. I might stay on this site for a little while just to talk to some people, and I really hope we could...
News by Seawhale posted over a year ago
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take the time to read this.

so, my name is Ruth AKA Ruby. as you can see, I deleted my account (silvaria_fan23) for about 2 yrs ago, I have no idea but it's been a long time I have. anyways, at the time there was fights and dramas in this club but there was fun and good moments too, I had family here but now we have moved on with our lives to highschool and shit. & ofcourse, I would do stupid shit but what did I expect? I was small, lol. I was about 12 when I started fanpop, and I remeber I would pair up my very first OC with DIB or ZIM, pretty stupid huh? then I deleted my account when I was about 14? I wish I could go back to the past but I was little, ya know? also, I did sonic/TDI recolors once in a while, I regret it. Talking about SONIC, I pretty much got into him more than any other fandom and ofcourse, I do my own art, not RECOLOR or copy designs cause that's stealing. another thing, I saw was my spelling and stupidity. also, the way some of my oc's would act, like Rubii (named changed to BOO) was consider MARY-sue before. YES,I would also get trolled before and get told shit because of my excuses and the way I would lie sometimes, I...
News by invaderjaz posted over a year ago
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Umm, Hi,
I am Invader Jaz, well, was, it's time for me to forget that..
I have been on this website for a couple years and, now, once more I have came and seen the place so empty.
I was young, stupid, in forth grade, I would draw sucky and ship my character with Zim.
I hate when I go back and think about all this stupid sh*t I did..
Once in a while I would get into arguements with most of the old OCs on here..
And of course I would feel bad, I look back at those times every once in a while, I wish I could say something to them, but, this place is all emptied out.
I know your not here anymore, But Saber, May, Lin, Solo, Jet, all of my pasts Irken members, "I'm sorry.."
Hell, your all off doing something with your life, and here I am just reaching High School, Heh, still pretty young right?
I've moved on to drawing South Park,
If you all see this, maybe you say something back to me.link I'm trying you guys, Atleast I've improved a little, right?
Fan fiction by tyger002 posted over a year ago
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Helena: WTF!! You like Dib.
Sulflex: Yeah he's so cute.
Helena: *barfs*
Sulflex: Yuck
Helena: I can't believe I'm doing this, but Sulflex I'm giving you tips.
Sulflex: Yay :)
Helena: 1. Be nice to him
Sulflex: got it. you mean like asking him about his day or something.
Helena: Right! 2. Ask him if he likes you.
Sulflex: I hope he says yes.
Helena: *rolls eyes* 3. Kiss him.
Sulflex; WTH. I don't think I could make it to 3
Helena: you'll be fine.
Sulflex: thanks. i'll invade his heart
Helena: Go Get Him Cobra
Sulflex:* walks out the door* I will
Opinion by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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So alright, I couldn't help but notice that the fandom is a little uptight now a days.But then I caught wind of when this fandom was more alive that everyone was very nice to each other, but now it's all one big POPULARITY CONTEST! :<

It's all about who's art is best and who has the most page views and I gotta say stop......just stop. It doesn't matter who's "better" just try to have fun and make friends not enemies! Do what you love the most no matter what anyone says, don't let the trolls get you down.

And to the people who think they have shity art calm down rome wasn't built in a day! It takes time and lots of practice. If you put your mind to it and have fun with your art eventually it's going to get WAY better and then you'll look back and say, "wow look at how better I am! XD". Then maybe then you'll be happy.

Don't be jealous, I had this problem and I grew out of it it's okay to feel that way everyone does at one point whether it's an artist's art or writing but you shouldn't hate them for it. Just know that maybe you just want to be like them and move on. There is only one of you and most often people feel that way about you....
Fan fiction by AngelOfDeath00 posted over a year ago
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Okay, so, I was thinking up ideas for an IZ fanfiction, and somehow I came up with this.

Mi-Yun Jeong transfers to the United States from South Korea. She starts going to the local school, where she is popular on the first day because she's foreign, she's pretty kawaii desu (she's an Asian girl, of course she's gonna be all kawii desu), and she easily can run two different clubs and still have time for homework, gymnastics, her friends, and one-on-one time with her best friend.

Dib is the only one who directly approaches her, and he does so to warn her that Zim is dangerous. She decides to talk to Zim to test that, and concludes that he's safe.

Now, most people will say no if you invite them to your underground alien lab to perform tests. But what if someone was to happily comply?
News by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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Okay so I'm starting a thing called Under The Irkenstance and it's going to be like let's reads, reviews, cosplay crap, photos, and other such thingys! :3 I hopefully will get the first Ep of a let's read up today and keep doing them! :3 The website is still under construction (I was up late last night starting it up) and is running me ragged. Ugg websites YU so mean! I'm editing as fast as I can so I can get it up and running sometime this week or next week.

Also I could use some help and staff is open at the moment it's super easy even Andy could do it (Andy: -_-). Well that's about it at the moment back to work! >:3
News by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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Hey guys so I just got renewed self confidence on asking Gab's owner if they could be together! >:3 I probably sound like a stalker but I really don't care anymore they must be together I mean seriously look at them!! Perfect -w- So I sent her a note! and for you snooper ;3 wink here's a copy of what I said in the note X3

Hey dare alright just going to cut to the chase if your still alive that is :meow: Anyway I really like your OC and she is perfect to be with one of my oc's DJ Darike :3 Seriously they look like they were made to be with each other X3 So yeah this is really in every sense of the word awkward to ask but would you mind if they were mates?

Me: Go on ^w^ *pushes Darike into spot light*

DJ Darike: *gulp* Yes....uhhh... ehem
For as long as I could remember I've been looking for someone like you...
Someone with a head like yours and a torso too
Birds sing and you make my heart ring ...
Fan fiction by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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Okay so I like writing fan fiction but I never finish it.... -_-, And It makes me mad but anyway I have a new idea of a fan fic and I want to share it here I go...

Okay so you know how there is defects of course well I was thinking since the control brain must deactivate them and erase them from everyone's memories then It must take awhile so the defects pile up and set up for scheduled decommissioning? Well I was think maybe Tak is hiding one away at her secret base somewhere and taking care of her.
She would say something along the lines of "They never see the value in us but we shall show them..." So anyway she is taking care of this defect who is in a decommissioning robe which looks like a invader uniform only less detailed and completely white with a number printed on it, her name is Mew because that is all she can say.
"Mew mew mew" Moving on she's kinda animal like, and doesn't understand what's going on half the time, also she can't move very well or walk so she is bed ridden. Then later on Zim and Dib and maybe Gaz find Taks' base and Mew Zim explains that she is a defective because blue eyes aren't normal, which is ironic considering...
Fan fiction by Misty199 posted over a year ago
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its night outside .. the screen slowly zooms up to Misty's wooden house then into the basement where we meet Leon, Misty, and Mason
Misty: anybody bored?
All raise hands
Mason: it seems like everyday is just the same
Leon: maybe we could change it we shouldn't sit here daydreaming what do yall wanna do
Both Mason and Misty groan

all of a sudden the t.v comes on

Random irken on tv: are you bored? then come on down to the rave club today at 7:00 everybody is invited and there is fun waiting for you!want to get your groove on?

Misty: *eyes sparkle* I think we should go
Leon: now see! this will sound fun
Mason: pssh clubs aren't all that fun whats the difference
Leon: better then sitten on your behind reading Irken cried human
Mason: fine..
Misty: yay!! *hugs them*

all start to get ready to go to the club except Mason just watching Regular show xD Summer time loven

Fan fiction by Misty199 posted over a year ago
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im made a DA account so I can join yall and have fun but once I try to come back and log in it says I have incorrect password D:< I type in words next to my letters to see if I did a typo by a accident but nothing happened.. DA hates me so im staying on fanpop for now on ;( .. I need a Dr. Pepper

*whistles* R DASH 5000!!
R Dash 5000: *crashes through the wall* crush..kill..destroy..swag *gives Dr Pepper*

Me: *sips* T_T hope nothing happens to me on fanpop *picks up tiny miniature Leon :/* at least I have you Leon*

Leon: yaa :) *sneezes*

Me: *chuckles* you sneeze like a kitten c:

Leon: ._.
News by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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I have started a Tina cosplay for myself that I will wear to Youma Con this year. I'll post updates and maybe pics later on my progress. So I have the dress semi done and my arm bands are done and look awesome X3, Anyway I also have my sash done and have started working on my head. I'm probably getting supplies next week to start my horns and skin along with my digigraded legs ( I know how to do those) I can't wait to get her done it's going to be so much fun I might even wear it to Invader Con 3 If it happens T3T.
Fan fiction by tyger002 posted over a year ago
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Hello mighty Irken solders, 2 children have been from Almighty Tallest Purple and Helena. They had a boy and a girl. The girl, Ezra, was born first, and a year later the boy, Ezekiel. Ezra has a big head and she is also reading at the age of 1 hour old. Ezekiel has a tall head and a hairstyle like Dib. His head is not as tall as Invader Spleen. Purple and Helena are really happy for their new children, even though it's hard work. Ezra looks like her father and Ezekiel looks like his mother. Ezekiel has found a girlfriend at the age of 9.
Fan fiction by tyger002 posted over a year ago
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Helena is a superhuman, which means that she is half Human and half Irken. She was born from her human mother named Ursula. Her dad is an Irken named Lard. Her home planet, Haloweentasia, was destroyed by an evil alien group called the Fireans. Fireans look like red-skinned Irkens, but they don't have PAKs or antennaes. Helena's parents both died, so Helena had to stay with her cousins Kat&Tak. Kat is a blue-eyed Irken. Outside of plant Irk she grows hair, but inside of the planet her hair sinks inside her hair and antennaes show again. Kat and Helena both dislike Tak so they sneaked out at night and flew to Earth in Kat's parents spaceship. On Earth Kat&Zim has been going out and they also got married. Helena and Purple dated for a long time and then they got married.

Fan fiction by Misty199 posted over a year ago
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1 fan
Misty: Hi im Misty and I was wondering.. *smirk*
Can I know I few things about you? don't worry don't be shy *bigger smirk* their simple.. just comment your answers below..

What's your fav color?

Do you have a violent or peaceful mind?

What's your fav food?... I like waffles .[].

Are you afwaid of mwee? c: lol

Fav Animal?

Last One... Whats your reaction to ZaDr xD

Misty: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Misty: Your done.. yay for you :D hope you loved my quiz.. ((KNOW GO SIT IN THECORNER AND THINK ABOUT CORN!! .[].))

News by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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Okay so I've been looking around for a mate for my boy Darike and while looking through pages upon pages of deavient art invader zim Ocs I think I've finally found a match.
As soon as I saw her I fell in love with this pairing they are just so cute together it's nauseating! X3 I'm making a pic of them together no touching or anything I don't want to do anything to his/her (I have no Idea who the creator is n_n; ) character that would offend them. Anyway I'm a break it to her and ask if they could become mates. <3

It's going to be freakin awkward to ask her/him Xc
But I'll give it a shot gotta marry off my son or what ever Irkens do. They probably do nothing and don't even have mates FTS It's my character I'll do what I want -_- *laughs evilly to self*
Whelp I'll give ya an update soon hopefully things will work out. n_n;
Fan fiction by invaderHailey posted over a year ago
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Jaz's POV:

"YAY!!!"I screamed as I jumped into my voot-cruiser with Bing behind me. "Master, calm down."Bing said. "Hehehe I know!! But it's so awesome! We get to go to planet earth!!!" I shouted with joy. "But Master, why are you so happy about it?" Bing asked. "Because Zimmy's there! I can't wait to meet 'em."I said as we took off into the sky, flying away from my home planet, irk.

~Six months later~

"Bing! We're here!"I shouted and jumped up and down with joy. Bing sighed. "Yes, I know Master.."He said. The voot-cruiser door opened. I stepped out and so did Bing. "Wow.."I said looking around in awe. "THIS,IS.AWESOME!!!!"I shouted. "Shhh! Master, look! A human."Bing pointed as we hid. This human male had black hair, brown eyes, glasses, a trench coat, and a blue shirt with a face on it. "I'm on to you Zim! Everybody knows your an alien!!"He shouted as he walked away from a strange looking house. After he was out of sight, me and Bing came out of our hiding spot. Then an irken came out of that strange looking house, but he wasn't just any irken.....He was ZIM! I ran over to him and hugged him. "ZIMMY!"I shouted....
Article by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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Okay so another catastrophe happened on tumblr and this is also going out as a warning of any who are thinking about making there oc a tumblr blog. 3...2...1.... NEVER HAVE AN ANONYMOUS ASK BOX!!!!!! I can not stress this enough. Okay so I have on for Cindy and all was going well until one day I opened it up to find like 16 messages in the ask box and I was like Cool maybe there song requests for DJ Darike so I open it. Every single one was a death threat for Cindy telling me to go kill my self for making such and awful marry sue character...... Seriously that hurt come on.... I don't believe them and I can handle real criticism I like it actually but this? seriously just....no. Also if you do have a blog for you oc and that happens don't feed the trolls just walk away like a boss.
News by Foxy10 posted over a year ago
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Okay so I made a tumblr blog for my fan character DJ Darike and started posting music and stuff. Then out of the blue some chick asked me hey can you mix some song together smoothly for a performance?
I wanted to stay in character and wasn't thinking so I was like "you got the tracks I got your back! <3"
......o_O she took me seriously now I have to learn how to DJ! You may say just kindly decline but I always wanted to become a DJ so I told my self this was a good thing to do just to learn,but seriously people learn that there are role players out there on tumblr SOME ARE NOT REAL !!!!
Anyway so I "bought" >:3 Virtual DJ Pro online and now have started to scratch some records just like DJ Darike X3
Fan fiction by darkinvader posted over a year ago
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zim heads over 2 invader fang's base and he told invader fang that he needs 2 invade earth so fand told zim yes i will invader earth and so they did but dib keeps on desturbing them and so zim and fang called the martians and the other irkens over and the whole fleet conquered earth til one day zim saw dib capturing the tallest they where saying help we have been captured by an earth specimen named dib and so zim and fang teamed up with invader bracy invader tootoo and invader swellow and they all rescue them from dib invader carrot and invader wong and invader kelly and invader ashpod joined in and they all save the almighty tallest and went back 2 girsmurf22 and titanicdragon and pastachick they also was happy 2 c invader zim return and we all had a party on zim's victory of conquering earth and so the legends continues in or on planet irk and they have a celebration on it and the tallest premoted them all 2 almighty tallest also
List by darkinvader posted over a year ago
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all other tallest
all other invaders
all other irkens

other smeets like the preview of their robot arm pets and they also have 2 b all the way over there 2 hug the robot arm and also a robot arm is the smeet hatcher they hatch smeets when the faces on the testtubes turn green
Fan fiction by Misty199 posted over a year ago
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she walked into a weapon store with her disguise on a a lil 4 year old girl she saw a lot of human stuff she saw a man and said with a adorable face " excuss mwe can i have a humwan stuff" the man said " oh you want a weapon im sorry cutie but your to lil to have one" "hehe sucker" she heard what he said and got so mad and screamed so hard that the weapons started to fall then a axe fell and chopped the mans head .... she walked and picked it up she saw axe on the front and looked at the dead man and she said " i kill humwans with axe"...... she walked up the cliff and saw a tree a leaf fell on top of her head and got mad so she chopped the tree like cutting tomatoes and looked and was happy with the axe by her side she was unstoppable... And thas was born of the curious, and psychodic misty ... now you know how she got on earth
Fan fiction by Misty199 posted over a year ago
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wen misty was a smeet she was very smart a irken came up and baby talked her and got pissed and bit his finger she ran away causing reports of a smeet gone loose she saw a irken invader and sir working on a ship she pulled his leg and he was distracted and she crawled under him and stole the ship ... she was piloting for 6 months and heard a beeping sound she hit a asteroid and crash landed on earth she woke up on a cliff and saw a tool box in the ship and fixed the ship .. it was morning and she was depressed she had nothing now , that wen she heard noises. she poped her head out and saw parents and a lil boy discussing how they love him, she needed someone to take care of her plus it would be in human not to have parents she began studying what parents do and built them sooner or later.... now she had robo parents there were damages and they began to act different wen she 4 in earth years they cared less now... she saw a store she left her robo parents.. she walked in a weapon store To be continued........
Article by TakTheFox posted over a year ago
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Tezz: The Rebel Irkin
Chapter two: Journey to the Robot of the Earth

It was a week after Tezz and Lexi began their journey. They were both very quiet during most of the travel, aside from Tezz’s training methods, though even that had ceased, once Tezz had made a sub-conscious training program.

Tezz was monitoring the ship, while Lexi was in training sleep. The stage was set on a giant blue grid. She had finally advanced the point where enemies would actually attack her. Surrounding her were hovering robots, with long arms and no legs.

One at a time, each robot charged at the unprepared Irkin. Each time, she attempted to dodge their attacks, as was the purpose of that exercise. At one point there was a robot coming from her lower-side, one coming from directly above her, and one coming from her front.

The Irkin quickly lunged herself backward, completely dodging the colliding robots, but unfortunately being hit by a robot that had charged from behind her. The robots regrouped, then charged again.
Opinion by Dreamlucario posted over a year ago
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Name: Shyla
Suit: Blue
Personality: Nice, caring
Love: Fleek
Fav song: Linkin park- In the end
Fav color: Black
Fav food: ICE CWEAM!!!!!
Best freinds: Zim, Rage, Sunze
Enemies: Dib, Serenity, Snip, Snap
Mission: To destroy all life on the earth. Although she likes the lowly planet.

Parents: Miz and Moo
Siblings: Brin and Rine
Appearence: Eyepatch,
Special notes: Was nearly murdered by her brother. She has a demonic side to her. and doesnt know how to stop it. She will cry herself to sleep each night, knowing shes killed innocent irkens. She HATES Snip and Snap, as they killed her best freind. She LOVES ice cream.