Grace and Lillian are the twin daughters of Cozi Boz and Tallest Purple. They were born December 31st, 1999. They were born in secrecy on Planet Blorch. As Cosi Boz lived on the Massive, and no-one was allowed to know about the twins,Purple asked Zim if he could take care of the twins until they reached the age of 20 Earth years. Zim accepted the challenge. This is their personality, and just a general description of them both.
Cheers, Codyfan77.
Personality(good and bad points):
Good points; She is bubbly, bouncy,REALLY friendly,and is fairly logical of situations.
Bad points; She is... not the sharpest tool in the shed, and often doesn't like it when people don't agree with her.( When they don't, she doesn't argue,but pouts in childish way)
Likes;Music, chocolate, parties, being in charge of things,acting, Youtube and playing around.
Apperance; She is, at present, 150 cm tall. She has purple eyes(in the shape of Purples), straight antenna and her head is roundish, like Zims.She wears glasses.
Dislikes;Liquorice,maths,being kicked around, exercise, cheerleaders, Tak,and disfuctional computers (she goes NUTS).
Talents;Lets just say, she is an arty type.

Personality(good and bad points)
Good points;She has a really good black sense of humor, and is a LOT smarter than her sister.Not to mention the fact that she is a lot calmer than Grace.
Bad points; When she gets mad, she gets MAD! Seriously, shes the type of girl that would throw a brick at your head!
Likes;Writing stories,Wizz Fizz, The Big Bang Theory, working on computers, Hannibal Lector, fried rice, and trampolines.
Apperance; She is 100 cms,she has blood red eyes and her head shape is round. She has curled antenna and freckles.
Dislikes;Snooki, Tallest Red, being crowded, cats, animation, golf, and heavy metal.
Talents;Science, assembling a computer in under 20 minutes, and maths.

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