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Sulflex's theme song

Sulflex's Favorite Video

IZ 01 THe Nightmare Begins

DragonCon Invader Zim Panel

Richard Horvitz and Rikki Simons, the voices of Zim and GIR respectively The video is shaky and incomplete, but I uploaded it anyway, lo

Invader Con 2 Script Reading - The Trial

I'ma just put this up here :3

Max Gilardi Plays Mason's Voice Part 2 ! :D

I just love voice acting :3 I found this hilarious video of Max Giliardi swearing to someone called Metaphor128 XD and I thought if you put this in Mason's mouth and he's saying this ;D lol now pretend and see the funniness >:3 hope you like it

Clark Voice Acting

MY pitiful attempt at voice acting for my oc Kerin Clark X3

Dating Tips with Rolanda XD!

I dunno I felt in the love mood xD and I thought of this video I saw and I wanted to show yall this to laugh your heads off XDDD!! Warning: do not actually take these tips .3.

Peace in the Mind

I don't know.. My life is tough.. Everyday is misery with me and my mom always fighting .. I never get to act who I wanna be.. So when I'm alone and I listen to this.. I feel peace for once in my life

What am I watching? >:U