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Sulflex's theme song

Sulflex's Favorite Video

IZ 01 THe Nightmare Begins

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DragonCon Invader Zim Panel

Richard Horvitz and Rikki Simons, the voices of Zim and GIR respectively The video is shaky and incomplete, but I uploaded it anyway, lo

Invader Con 2 Script Reading - The Trial

I'ma just put this up here :3

Max Gilardi Plays Mason's Voice Part 2 ! :D

I just love voice acting :3 I found this hilarious video of Max Giliardi swearing to someone called Metaphor128 XD and I thought if you put this in Mason's mouth and he's saying this ;D lol now pretend and see the funniness >:3 hope you like it

Clark Voice Acting

MY pitiful attempt at voice acting for my oc Kerin Clark X3

Dating Tips with Rolanda XD!

I dunno I felt in the love mood xD and I thought of this video I saw and I wanted to show yall this to laugh your heads off XDDD!! Warning: do not actually take these tips .3.

Peace in the Mind

I don't know.. My life is tough.. Everyday is misery with me and my mom always fighting .. I never get to act who I wanna be.. So when I'm alone and I listen to this.. I feel peace for once in my life

What am I watching? >:U