"Your futures are DOOMED!" Ms. Bitters said as she finally ended her long speech. Zim sighed, bored out of his mind, while Dib just stared at him. Other students looked up at the clock, as if pleading it to save them from their teacher's daily mountain of homework that she was about to assign.

"Now, your work is-" she began, until she heard the bell ring. Ms. Bitters swore that the acursed sound would one day pay, but apparently it wouldn't today. Zim was thinking, 'Finally! That human took forever with her speech. Now I can think of my new plan to take over the Earth. ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE ZIM!!!' The Irken then laughed to himself as he got outside.

As Zim was in his base working on dismantling a 3DS, wondering why humans were so entranced by it, he heard an ear-splitting (or in his case, antenna-splitting) noise that sounded like screeching metal on fire!

"Stay here, Gir, and make sure that the experiment is finished!"

"Yes, sir!" the tiny android said, his light blue parts turning red as he made the statement, before shortly going back to the teal color they were before.

As Zim made his way outside, he saw a sight that he never thought he would see again, and that was-

"Tak's escape pod?!" Zim was very bewildered at the sight, for he thought is one true lo- I mean his "worst enemy" was gone for good. The Irken boy felt relieved to see it, but that emotion was quickly replaced with worry. 'Is she alive in there?' he mentally asked himself. Zim slowly lifted the glass, and saw Tak's body, curled up and burnt slightly, but still breathing.

He sighed, glad that she was safe, but he forgot one thing: he and Tak were both in the front yard without their disguises, and who would be staring at them but the Dib human, camera in hand.

"Just gotta get it at a good angle..." the Earth creature mumbled to himself. Zim quickly picked Tak up bridal style, as he made his way into the house before the dreaded 'click', leaving a very disappointed Dib standing in the yard. 'Oh well, at least I got the pod.' he thought to himself.

After an hour of waiting in the living room, Tak slowly came to. After a bit of stirring, she finally sat up, looking Zim in his ruby-colored eyes, and said,

"Zim, you saved me, but why? I always thought you hated me..."

"I never hated you, Tak. I actually have always loved you. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I-" he said, but was cut off by a peck on the cheek from the amethyst-eyed Irken next to him. She blushed and stared at the ground, until Zim lifted her chin, and slowly closed his eyes, pressing his lips to hers.

The end.