Invader Zim Fanfics Awkward Meeting Between Two Old Friends Chapter One

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 22, 2012 at 06:48AM
Miz spead down the street heading for the skool grounds."I overslept!"she yelled.When she got there she nearly collapsed.She walked into the class and Miss Bitters introduced her to the class, her hologram looked just like a normal girl.Long brown hair with a long spike covering one eye, normal sky blue eyes, peach skin, and a creepy smile.Miz waved to the class and took a seat next to a kid with an abnormally large head.She stared at him through the entire class wondering how his head got so big!He finally noticed her staring at him when the bell rang for lunch.Let me guess, it's my head isn't it?"he asked Miz.She nodded and smiled."I'm Miz!What's your name?"Miz asked."My name is Dib, your name is the alien's name backwards!Are you his sister!?Dib yelled, then all the kids stared at Dib as soon as they were going to leave the classroom."That's not very nice Dib!"one of them yelled across the room.Then Miz stood up, and glared at Dib."No, I'm not.I'm an only child."Miz said angrily, then pushed through the crowd of children and walked to the lunch room."A girl with my name spelled backwords, eh?"Zim asked Miz.Miz didn't know he was there and tripped, causing her hologram to flicker but stay on.Zim realised that she was an Irken and stared down at her.Miz stood up and looked down at Zim."Don't do that!I hate it when people do that!Who are you anyw-"Miz stopped and stared."Are ypu an Irken?!"they both asked at the same time."Are you a tallest?"Zim asked.Miz shook her head."Zim?"Miz asked.Zim nodded, and Miz's eye twitched."You don't remember me do you?"Miz asked already knowing the answer."No how do you know the name of ZIIIIM!?"Zim yelled."Zim, on Irk we used to go to the academy together, remember?!"Miz yelled back.Zim instantly remembered and smiled."Oh NOW I remember you!You were banished to a diferent planet for killing three other smeets!!!"Zim yelled."They were going to kill me!My subconscious did it."Miz said to Zim, and continued walking down the hall.

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