Invader Zim Fanfics The Story Behind Miz (After the flashback)

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 27, 2012 at 12:29AM
Zim stood there staring at Miz with fear struck into him.Miz stood herself up.She ran past Zim leaving a trail of blood, she got into her cruiser and flew to vort.She lived there for a week, then an elite soldier found her and dragged her back to Judgementia.She stood before the tallests."I know what you will do,"Miz growled,"so do it!"she yelled at the top of her lungs,

Tears flooded down her face, she fell to her knees and pointed to Purple."I tried my best!My anger took over because of you!Go to hell!"Miz screamed.Every Irken stared at Miz.Purple just looked surprised.Miz stood up, then flipped Purple and Red off.Two soldiers ran up and dragged her out."I will return!"Miz screamed."F--- you all!"She yelled before the doors had closed."I wonder why."Red said sarcastically.Purple glared at Red.Miz barged in."IT'S ALL YOUR FUALT!"Miz yelled again.Miz walked back out and flew torwards Foodcourtia.She worked there for a year, she was taken back to Irk and placed into an "Insanity Tank" as Miz called it.Tek took her place, for a day.

Tek was then placed in a tank similar to Miz's.Tek broke out in about an hour.Then she released Miz, they were both delousional.The tallests had come to see how they were doing, and almost got killed.Most of the staff was murdered by the two.They were sent to Judgementia again.Miz dragged Tek out before she could do damage to anything.Miz and Tek were supposed to go past Earth."Miz put it on auto-pilot!"Tek yelled."No, I can fly it!"Miz yelled back.They hit an astroid field.

Miz slammed buttons to try to stop it from crashing, but they ended up on Earth.Miz and Tek lived there for four years before enrolling for skool.And you know what happens on Miz's first day.

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