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Invader Zim List Article

If I was on invader zim;the things I would do to the characters.

List by codyfan77 posted over a year ago
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Zim:(Try) to give him advice/ tell him his disguise is lame.
Dib:Tell him that his head isn't big;it's bloody GINORMOUS!!!
Gaz: Challenge her to a DDR match
GIR:Whack him on his head and see if it has any effect.
Tallest Red:Spray him with multiple super soakers.
Tallest Purple: Drag him into a closet and kiss him...
Keef:Punch his face; see if he is still smiling afterwards!
Skoodge: Call him and get him to help Zim.
Tak:Kill her. Like, really KILL her.
Professor Membrane: Call him an irresponsible bastard.
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Um your idea to the tallest purple and tak r sort of weird
posted over a year ago.
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codyfan77 said:
Some people might beg to differ, but I HATE Tak! She basically tries to kill Zim! I won't allow that, not on MY watch!!
posted over a year ago.