Zoey's pov

Dib was comforting me. I was in tears. My husband, my lover, he betrayed me. That Chloe. I could kill her. But I knew she would probably kill me. I stopped crying, and finally looked up at Dib.

"dibbbbb" I mutter

"I know Zim is being a bastard" he said "But you need to understand that alot of people in Ariels family are attractive".

"That doesn't help me at all" I said

"She might still like you" I said

"BUT WHAT IF SHE DOESN'T!!!!!!" he said, hitting a wall

"THE PRISIM!!!" I screamed. Dib seemed scared when I yelled

"I can send messages to Ariel through them!!!" I said.

"We can finally contact her!!"

Dib seemed filled with joy.I sent a message saying

"where are you?"

I got a message back.

"Your little Ariel isin't playing along. If she doesn't soon, she'll be killed."

"WHO IS THIS?!?!' I sent back. Just then, my phone.

Hello? I said

It's me" said a creepy voice"

"Ariel's little demon. Ariel isin't beeing a good girl, so know I have to control her. Come on and try to beat me. I'm waiting for you!!!!!!!!!" Then, a creepy laugh came along, and then a girl screaming.

"That's Ariel scream!" I said.

"Why won't you get up?!?!?!" said the demon.

He didn't know we were still on the phone

"I'm not going to let them die for me" said Ariel. "I would die for them any day!"

So you have feelings for the alien??!?" siad the demon

"No, I have feelings for the boy with the glasses!"

Dib blushed

THAT LITTLE TWIT?!?!?" said the demon


Then, the phone hung up. I look at Dib come on we have to save her! He nods and we left.

Dib's pov

She cared for me but did she love me was the question.

We left Gilles and Jasper were behide us.

I knew Zoey was in more pain then she was showing

"Damn it Zim you used her and broke her u haven't change one bit"

"Rookie did u say something?" she asked


"Whatever if we leave through this I kick Zim's ass.

Zoe's POV

I was finally going to fight off that demon. I was paired up with Dib, so that I would have backup. Gillies and Jasper were behind us.

"Why is everyone betraying me now?" I said.

"First, Ariel keeps to herself that shes the Grimm Reaper, and then Zim goes to that witch. At least you haven't Rookie"

"I haven't betrayed anyone yet. Not even Ariel. I still love her."

"Your a good kid, Dib" I said

Just then, a big cloud of smoke appeared, then turned into this black demon. I couldn't locate a mouth, or even eyes on it.


Just then, a mouth appeard on it. Looked like the mouth on Rolling Stone.

"Oh..........eh............" I said. This thing looked creepy.

Welcome, welcome all" it said. It still had that creepy tone to it.

"I was expecting much stronger students" he said

What students?" I said.

"You don't go to training school?" it said "

You seem so young to be a good fighter. Especially for a vampire.

"I trained by myself, and now I'm going to kill you once and for all" I said.

"Go ahed, take your best shot" it said.

"Zoe, don't do this" said Jasper.

"Since when did you care about me?" I said

I took one swing at it with my eyes closed. But then, I felt nothing in my hands. My weapon was gone!

Did you just............eat my weapon?!" I said.

"Mhmm" it said.

"Gillies!" I heard someone say. It was Ariel.

"Come up here and transform into your weapon form!"

"Alright!" said Gillies He had turned into a ax, which was surprising to me.

Ariel had taken one good shot at him, but Gillies kept on moving away from him.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she screamed.

"My powers are too weak to go against this weapon" said Gillies.

"You'll need to be the weapon this time"

"Alrigth then" said Ariel.

Gillies turned back into his human self, and Ariel turned into a weapon.

As a weapon, Ariel was a huge death scythe. White and black, with a long end to her.

"A team is a team" she said. "We won't break apart no matter what comes in our way. We'll always be together.

"That's right" said Gillies. "Not even this monster will get in our way"

My eyes started to swell up. This reminded me of..............Zim.

We went home and I went to my room. and I cried my heart would be broke forever. He was the one person that I would love and he didn't love me.

There was a knock and Ariel came in.

"I heard about you and Zim" said Ariel

"Yeah" I said. I rubbed my arm

"I think I know why this happened"I said.

"Why??" I said.

"Well, you know Tallest Miyuki and how she dissapeared??" said Ariel

"Yeah" I said.

"Well, she didn't dissapear" said Ariel. "I ate her"

"WH-WHAT?????????" I said. "YOU ATE A IREKEN?!?!"

Zim was in his lab, and he was working on some stuff. I guess he heard what happend..............


"I don't know..............." said Ariel.

But, you did sign a contract that you would only marry a pureblood............"

"I DID NOTHING!!!" I said

"Mhmmmmm" I said.

"But Gillies isin't pureblood. He's pureblood demon, but not pureblood vampire.

"I'M NO PUREBLOOD EITHER!!!!" I screamed.

"Actually, you are" said Ariel. "You were born a vampire. You just never noticed."