(as we all know i John landed on earth and came to take over the world i can take over bodies and walk though walls and go in to the realm of shadows this is going to be fun log out)[b] As i walk to school i noticed some irkens walking to my teeth extend and bout to attack then i see some things looking at me don't know what they are but look tasty looking at how health they are. Then i look back to the irkens then i ask,"what's is you name ," i asked them both.???1 said,"invader Zim and you better learn it ok," "and yours my dale," "ahh my name is invader Cynder," "thank you for your time" Then as soon as i walk a way a Lightopian rubs angst me, "whats your name," it said,"kat""and you are dead," "that's right prince John of the vampires i think i know you."

To be continued.... and you got to lessen to this link really.