"Congratulations you two, it's a boy"
As zim walked home from skool he has been thinking of how to encourage Lard Nar (leader of the Resisty) to assist him destroy every Irken that dared to laugh at him behind his back. The Resisty hated the Irkens too which meant it would be hard for zim to influence The Resisty to team up with him, a rival.
Zim signed at the last thought and open the door to enter his base; of course Gir was in the couch watching his Scary Monkey Show like always.

"Gir, was there any response from the resisty?"

"I donno" Gir said not taking his eyes from the TV.

"I thought I told you to... Oh forget it, I'll check tomorrow" Zim had a long boring day and was not in any mood to yell at Gir, instead Zim walked towards the elevator that would lead him to his room. Ever since he became a defective countless unusual changes occurred to him, he now had to do similar human habits. He had to sleep, and eat every daylight hours, and what annoyed him about his changes the most was the emotions he keeps feeling now.
Like one example was the strange Feeling in the Pit of his Squeedlyspooch he felt each time he had a close contact with the Gaz. A weird thing that happen during health class earlier that day was when Ms. Jackson announced that Him and Gaz were to be partner, he sort of felt delight inside him. Sure he might say a lot of horrible things about her but he would then later regret what he said. Since he's new at these so called 'emotions' he not sure how that feeling is identified as. What's odder are his dreams, it's all about her.

"It must be those brainless fights we always have, they're getting in my head" Zim said to himself as he lay in his bed. He nestled under the covers and soon fell asleep.

*The next day*

Gaz was walking to her class; she was trying not to forget her duty Dib asked for. He wanted her to find out what zim is setting up or something like that, but of course it won't be so simple. She has to win his trust in order for him to inform her everything. She really didn't like it because it meant she needed to chatter with Zim, Gaz is not much of a talkative person. But she kept reminding herself that it was for a good cause, she will be given new game slaves as recompense.
Before she opens her classroom door, she took a deep breath. . "Here goes nothing" she said and then entered her class. The bell hadn't ringed yet so everyone in class were in groups talking with friends and what not. On her way to her seat Gaz noticed Zim had already arrived to class before her, she took a seat next to him and decided it was a good time to start the 'Chat' she was planning earlier.

"Hello Zim, you're awfully quiet today" she said not sounding very interested.
Zim looked at her; he was of course confused and misgiving of Gaz interest of his silence.

"Since when does the Gaz-human take interest of Zim's silence?" Zim asked.

"I just want to amuse myself for now, you know just talk" Gaz said calmly.

"Talk, about what?" Zim asked.

"I don't know" Gaz thought "how about you tell me more about your home planet, like what do you Irkens do different from us humans?"
Zim looked around making sure no one heard Gaz's questions, and turned back to look at her.

"I don't consider this is a suitable place to be talking about my home planet, human. And wait…Since when did you take interest about Zim's planet and our differences???"

Gaz was irritated that this conversation thing wasn't going according to plan, but new that if she screams at him like she usually does, it will become more complicated for her to find out what zim's planning.

So she tries to continue "Hey, us humans are very curious people. I just thought it would be interesting to know what Aliens like you do and besides I don't want to be fighting with my partner for the whole year. " Gaz said.

Zim stared at her; he was really suspicious about Gaz's sudden interest about aliens. The only one who would be asking him these kinds of questions would be Dib.

"I guess you're probably right human, I don't believe I can stand to hear you're screaming at me every day. Maybe putting it behind us will be a more proper way to solve this; in addition I too still have many curiosities about you humans." Zim said.

Gaz then reached out her right hand to him. "Truce?" she asked.

Zim then smirked and reached his hand to her "truce" he agreed.

"Oh and by the way space boy, don't call me Dib-sister or Gaz human anymore. Just call me by my original name, Gaz" Gaz point out.

"Very well, Gaz" Zim said.

Just then the bell rang and Ms. Jackson came in the class with three big bags in her back. She set them on top of her desk.

"My dear students, I've been informed that we will start a special project that might please most of you, Many young teens like you today are taking interest about relationships and things like that, Which every now and then end up having families. So the skool wants every one of you to learn how difficult being a parent can be. You'll receive a baby like this one"

She showed the class a sack of flour that had a big blue happy face sticker on it and a diaper too.

"Don't be fooled by the appearance kids, this sack is nothing more than a machine that is programmed to act like a real baby. You and your partner will work together to care for the child. You must feed it, change it, and love it like real parents would. The baby with a blue happy face sticker is a boy and the ones in pink are girls. You'll receive a baby and a two page paper with questions involving the project."

"Baby, what's this baby she speaks of" Zim asked.

"A baby is a newborn or recently born human" Gaz explained.

"Ah, a smeet then" Zim said understanding.

"Smeet?" Gaz asked

"That's how we Irkens call the newborns, instead of babies" Zim said.

"Oh" was all that Gaz said.

Just then Ms. Jackson came and stood in front of both Zim and Gaz, she smiled and handed them their baby and paper assignment.

"Congratulations you two, it's a boy"