It was an ordinary (If that!) day, and Zim was walking home from Skool, when he passed an abandoned, haunted house. There was music inside, and Zim whent in.

What he saw surprised him- Lightopians, thousands of them! The music, which was playing Kelly Clarkson's, I Do Not Hook Up, continued to blast-
Oh sweetheart put the bottle down,
You've got too much talent,
I see it through those bloodshot eyes,
There's a cure you'll find it...

The Lightopians spotted Zim, and started yelling all at once- "TAKE ME HOME! TAKE ME HOME!" Zim left as quickly as possible, not knowing he was being followed.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The song was ORIGINALLY suposed to be Feel Good Incorperated by The Gorillaz, but then I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson came into my head... LOL!