STICKLY'S POV (On Planet Irk.)
I, Stickly the Irken soldier was training to go to a planet as an Invader. I saw the Almighty Tallest announce who was going to be an Invader. I was very impatient. All I could hear was "Secret planet: Earth" and giggles. Whoever was going to be sent to Earth was not being taken seriously. "Who wants this one?" said Purple Tallest. "I do." I said. He threw a robot unit at me. I never really did like the Tallest. They had that kind of attitude. However I was greatful for the gift I had. I had my own robotic unit. Though I was not an Invader, I still had my unit. "I hate those tall creeps. Don't you?" I said to my new robot. "I am not aloud to show emotions." he said. "You can't be happy or sad?" I asked. "I am not aloud to share this info with you unless I am programed to." he said. I rushed back to my home. I scanned my new robot. I looked at his programming in my lab. My lab screen showed his senses. I went down to his emotions. I enabled his emotions. "How do you feel?" I asked. "Since I am now aloud to share my emotions, happy." He said. I made an emotionally trained information retriever. That is why I named him ETIR.
I rushed to the store to try to find batteries for my lab screen that was almost out of juice. I couldn't afford anything at the shop. I couldn't even afford food. I really needed food, though. I'd die without it. But in every job I ever had, I got permanently fired. That's why I can't afford anything. And I've tried every job on planet Irk. So, I went to the Tallest's home. They were not only the mightiest, but the richest of planet Irk. So, I looked for a money container in there home.
I couldn't find any moneys. I looked and looked, but no moneys. I stood frozen in fear as I saw a guard in their home. He took me and didn't say a word. He dragged me into a cage. He put the cage into an escape pod. I was blasted into space. I called in ETIR to save me. He came out to space to unlock the doors to my cage. I noticed a planet. I got a sense of Deja vu. I remembered that the Tallest said this planet was known as Earth when he was calling out for Invaders. ETIR flew me to earth. He did everything without hesitation, knowing that I was the one who set his emotions free.

My sky blue and black pod was disguised as a backpack. My eyes were disguised with human eyes. My antenas were folded into my hair to blend in. I looked for a skin disguise, but I couldn't find one. I knew that another invader was at this planet. I'll just use the same excuse he used I thought. ETIR was disguised as a blueish, purpleish cat. Blue is ETIR's favorite color. I was ready to show my face in public. So, I went to school. In research I found while working on a report, it showed schools on earth known as Jefforson High and Colombia University and Benton Middle School. I wasn't expecting to see a big sign that said "Skool." I walked inside and told the princeapal I was new. He said my parents needed to be here for me to sign up for Skool. The closest thing I had for a fake parent was ETIR. So, I got ETIR to wear a human disguise. Then, I signed up. I was in Mrs. Cliope's class. She seemed a little scarry. She smiled all the time. But I was very greatful I didn't get the class right next to me. All I could hear from the classroom was stuff like, "Now, do 8,000,000,000 push ups" or "Doom. Doom. Doom." I think the teacher's name was Ms. Bitters, which was totally understandable. The other class next to me seemed boring. All I heard from there was stuff like, "Do you understand? Do you? There's gonna be a test. Please wear the uniforms I made. It'll make me pleased."

I spent all day in class the same old same old. The teacher going on about words I still can't even pronounce, the girls going on about how cute that stupid Danny Fulker is, the guys going on about who got beaten up by who, and me failing to draw a cyote and a wolf. I mean, a new kid came in today. I was half asleep so I didn't really react until about ten seconds after he stepped into the room. He was 100% green. "What's up with the green spraypaint?" my friend, Jukai said. Then, all of the sudden, some big headed kid with weird looking hair (I think his name was Dij or Dib or something) randomly barged into the room. "Green?!" he said. "An alien! Where?!"

I didn't know people would be on to me at all times. But, I thought that was life on earth for an Irken.
I didn't expect another Irken to be on earth. The recess play time of the day came. I got a closer look of this new student. "You're green." I said, suspicious. "Um... so are you." he said. "I have a rare skin desease." I said. "I have the same one." he said. "Liar! I made that skin disease up!" I said. Whoops. I realized my mistake.

"So you have paint on you?" I asked, casually. "Uh... um, OF COURSE! THAT'S GENIUS!" he said. "What is?" I asked. "Nothing. Be gone!" he said. Okay, if anyone on this planet is an Irken, it's definatley that kid I thought. When we got back inside from play time, (I could never remember the name) the teacher said it was time for social studies. "Let's make social studies... FUN!" Mrs. Cliope said. I raised my hand. "Yes, Sticky?" she said. "Just kidding! I know your name is Stickly! I WAS JOKING!" I was a little creeped out. "What exactly is Social Studies?" I asked. I looked around as everyone laughed. Two people remained silent. They both looked suspicious. One looked like a threat and the other one looked confused. I think the threatning one was named Jukai and the confused one was named Noshei. After enough suffering of embarecment, I went home. I looked at ETIR. "Thanks again for being a parent." I said. "No problem, master." he said. "How was school?" I sat down, exausted. "Terrible!" I answered. "Everyone there gets along but me. People are already on to me." I was scared.