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Invader Zim Photos

WHY!!!!! My teacher was very depressed - invader-zim photo
WHY!!!!! My teacher was very depressed
Zim the nightmare begins - invader-zim photo
Zim the nightmare begins
check this out - invader-zim photo
check this out
Invader Tak - invader-zim photo
Invader Tak
Happy Holidays! - invader-zim photo
Happy Holidays!
Chicken Legs - invader-zim photo
Chicken Legs
House of Zim - invader-zim photo
House of Zim
Gaz vs Mandy - invader-zim photo
Gaz vs Mandy
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Invader Zim Wallpapers

kreepy gir - invader-zim wallpaper
kreepy gir
GIR IS ADORABLE! - invader-zim wallpaper
Invader zim - invader-zim wallpaper
Invader zim
invader zim - invader-zim wallpaper
invader zim
Gir both sides - invader-zim wallpaper
Gir both sides
Zim and Gir wallpaper - invader-zim wallpaper
Zim and Gir wallpaper
Gir Wallpaper - invader-zim wallpaper
Gir Wallpaper
Zim & GIR - invader-zim wallpaper
Zim & GIR
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Invader Zim Fan Art

My character. AI - invader-zim fan art
My character. AI
check it out. - invader-zim fan art
check it out.
'Invader Zim' Banner - invader-zim fan art
'Invader Zim' Banner
Tek - New Irken OC - invader-zim fan art
Tek - New Irken OC
IZ-Rule the Planet WIP - invader-zim fan art
IZ-Rule the Planet WIP
A Real Psychic - invader-zim fan art
A Real Psychic
Zim the Homicidal Invader - invader-zim fan art
Zim the Homicidal Invader
AlixRed Vampires - invader-zim fan art
AlixRed Vampires
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Invader Zim Icons

Zim           - invader-zim icon
Zim Screaming (I think) - invader-zim icon
Zim Screaming (I think)
Zim - invader-zim icon
Cute Chibi Zim - invader-zim icon
Cute Chibi Zim
invader zim - invader-zim icon
invader zim
Sandstorm and Firestar - invader-zim icon
Sandstorm and Firestar
GIR eating his one and only CUPCAKE! - invader-zim icon
GIR eating his one and only CUPCAKE!
invader angel - invader-zim icon
invader angel
GIR!!!!!!!! - invader-zim icon
The Pants Command Me! - invader-zim icon
The Pants Command Me!
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