According to the rumors about Apple iPhone 5, Apple Company will release the new iPhone 5 in this fall. The topics of iPhone 5 have been very popular before the iPhone 5 come out.

The topics are frequently discussed as follows:
When will the new version iPhone 5 be released?
How to copy files from iPhone 5 to computer without losing any files?
What will the iPhone 5 have that the iPhone 4 doesn’t?
Is there a way to transfer HD videos, voice memos, pictures, songs, ePub files, etc from iPhone 5 to PC?

Today we specially talk about the question about how to link in this article. To explain clearly, here I show a detailed case as an example firstly.

How to copy files from iPhone 5 to computer?
I have an iPhone 5 and a Dell PC. I am a newbie and bad at computing. From my friend, I know I can transfer files, such as photos, movies, and songs, etc from computer to my iPhone 5 with iTunes. However, I just want to copy iPhone 5 files to computer and I have no idea about this.

Do you have a frustration about how to copy file from iPhone 5 to computer? If yes, you had better go on reading the following text and you will find your satisfying answer. If no, you can also learn about the information before you come across the similar puzzlement.

The answer to copy files from iPhone 5 to computer:
In order to protect the copyright, Apple iTunes have the rule to forbid us to transfer Apple device to computer. So if you want to copy files from iPhone 5 to computer, please don’t hold extravagant hopes for the iTunes.

So that you can copy file from iPhone 5 to computer conveniently, here I tell you a way. The way is using link, which is a professional Apple device transfer program.

Free download it to try and you will be excited after you have one. It is simple to use but powerful for all the Apple devices, such as iPhone 5, iPod, iPad, iPhone 4, etc.

To complete your mission, you only need to click few buttons. Because its usage is easy, here I leave it out.

If you are Mac user, get link here.