iPod Shuffle Game!

sorealcruroxz posted on Jul 17, 2009 at 09:22PM
Here's How to Play!
Go on Shuffle Mode and Answer the Questions That are With The Questions(Idk How to Explain it )
Ex. 1.How Are You Feeling Today?Livin On A Prayer- Stellar Kart
1.How Are You Feeling Today?
2.Will I get Far In Life?
3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?
4. What is/Was High School Like?
5.What is The Best Thing About Me?
6.How Was Yesterday?
7.What is my Love Life Like?
8.What will my Parents Say To me?
9.What Song Will They Play On My Funeral?
10.How Does The World See Me?
11. What do My Friends Really Think Of Me?
12.What is the World Keeping a Secret Of Me?
13. How Do I make Myself Happy?
14.What Should I Do With My Life?
15.Will I Have Children?
16. What is Good Advice?
17.What does everyone Else Think Of My Current Life?
18.What Type Of Men/Women Do I like?
19.Where Will I Live?
20.What Will My Dying Words Be?

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