Lovely shot of the Pub in Dublin.
Hi everyone, since I love to travel. I chose Ireland after seeing movies about Michael Collin and I love their accent too! So here are my reasons on why Ireland is my dream destination.

The Landscape

I absolutely love the landscape, because it is so green and clean. You hardly see anything unpleasant and spoil, it's all pleasant and full of luck!
In fact, I would love to stay in the Irish countryside and walk while listening to Irish music.

Irish Music & Dancing

I have been a fan of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, their dance are very, VERY energetic while the music is very catchy that you can't stop the beat as they say! So, I would love to listen to them and watch them dance.

Friendly Faces

Now, don't get me wrong, I have some Irish friends and I'm very proud of the fact that Ireland has many friendly faces! It makes their country feel like home towards their tourists and expatriates alike.

The Luck of the Irish

I hope that this article will help you on your holiday to Ireland and enjoy some luck of the Irish, enjoy!
Killarney, Ireland.