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Fan fiction by Coffeeuser posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Christmas Day came and everybody was happy. Nobody seemed to remember Mr. Potter who remained unpunished for his selfish deeds. The old crab spent the Holiday alone, aside from his loyal assistant who stayed by his side to push his throne-like wheelchair. He was now even richer than he was before thanks to the $8,000 which he found and kept. However, the money didn't make up for the fact that Mr. Potter's health was slowly deteriorating. That New Year's Eve, he came down with a bad cough. His assistant helped him into bed and called the doctor. Potter's breathing got worse by the minute. The doctor got there as soon as he could but there wasn't much he could do. Potter's lungs were infected and inflamed. He had pneumonia.

Now on his deathbed, Mr. Potter thought about all the terrible things he had done during his lifetime. He had been greedy, selfish, miserly, stubborn, crabby, and cruel. He had committed many sins throughout his life and he took pride in each one. Living life as a villain certainly made him unpopular, but it was worth it. He was going to die friendless, but it didn't matter. He had gotten all the enjoyment he wanted out of life, simply by being a mean...