colorful idiot box- where pretty much all of my childhood memories are located. xoxo
not really in any specific order...;)

1.) JACK BAUER- '24'
the best protective person out there <33

2.) HOMER SIMPSON- 'The Simpsons'
need i say more? d'oh!!!!!

3.) JACK TRIPPER -'Three's Company'
i call it 'john ritter's sweet era' (well, he was always sweet but whatever.)

4.) DOOGIE HOWSER - 'Doogie Howser, M.D.'
cute doctor, best friend vinne, what more could a girl want? :D

5.) AL BUNDY- 'Married With Children'
now this is the kind of father every lucky human being should have...=)

6.) STEVEN HYDE- 'That 70s Show'
man oh man....

7.) FRANCIS- 'Malcolm In The Middle'
aww hello? misbehaving cutie older brother anyone?

8.) SHELDON COOPER- 'Big Bang Theory'
*knock knock* penny!!!!

9.) MR. FEENY- 'Boy Meets World'
smart teacher who's a sweetie pie and actually teaches valuable life lessons? yes please!

10.) ALEX P. KEATON- 'Family Ties'
who needs girls? money's where it's at!!

11.) DEAN WINCHESTER- 'Supernatural'
let's kill some sob!

12.) RORY HENNESSY- '8 Simple Rules'
best brother ever!

well, that's about it. thanks for reading and feel free to leave a lovely comment. :)
jack <33
homer <33
the other jack in my life <33
doogie!! <33
al <33
hyde <33
francis <33
sheldon <33
mr. feeny (the old guy for those who don't know) <33
alex <33
dean <33
rory <33