A/n Heyy guys! This is my Nizzy story!!!!! Enjoy!!
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Pairing: Noah and Izzy!
Warning: Spoilers!
Noah’s POV
On a sunny day at Camp Wawanakwa (A/N I think that’s where they all went after the show ^^’) I am calmly sitting on the porch of my cabin. I am reading my favorite book. It was the only book I brought, sadly, so I have read it about 100 times.
“HI NOAH!” I look up and see Izzy walking up to me hyperly. I let out a small sigh.
“What do you want Izzy?” I have a lot of mixed feelings about her. She’s my friend. But something is telling me that I want it to be more… It confuses me so much that sometimes I just want to pull my hair out.
“Jeez! What’s up your butt? Are you all mad ‘cause your boyfriend didn’t win????” She says with a huge smirk on her face. I could tell she’s enjoying this.
“I’m not gay,” I reply flatly.
“Yes, really”
“Are you BI?”
“Are you lez?” I looked up from my book almost automatically. Did she seriously just ask that? Ugh, sometimes I wonder how I ever fell in lo- What?! I did not just seriously think that. But, she is beautiful. And those green eyes…
“How the heck is it possible for me to be lez?” I say quickly before I start to drool over her.
“My 2nd cousin is lez! And he’s a guy!”
“Are you gay?”
“Then why’d you kiss Cody~”
“I kiss random objects in my sleep.” It’s true it has happened before. Actually it has happened a lot. That is why I never go to summer camp.
“Oh! That reminds me of that time when my cousin beat up this fern ‘cause her boyfriend made out with the fern when he was drunk!”
“Your cousin beat up a fern?”
“Ya!!! It was AWESOME! Duncan, Trent, and Geoff were there!”
“Do you like Cody?”
“Do you like Alejandro?”
“Do you like…”
“Prove it.”
I drop my book, stand up so that I’m level with her, and look straight into her eyes. A blush quickly spreads across her cheeks.
“Noah, what are you—“
Before she can say any more; I quickly grab her arm and kiss her with all the passion I have inside of me. When I feel her kissing me back I couldn’t help but smile. I take my hand and tangle my fingers in her fiery orange hair, deepening the kiss.
Everything just stopped. The only thing that mattered in the world was her, and only her. Her lips are so soft and gentle. Its feels like her lips fit onto mine perfectly. I never want this kiss to end… But then I realize I’m running out of breathe, so I reluctantly let go. I chuckle a little when I see Izzy’s shocked face.
“Wow.” She says, her fingers gently touching her lips. I expected her to say more, but nothing came.
“So,” I say picking up my book from the cabin floor and smiling at her. “Do you now believe that I’m not gay?” She nods slowly, putting her hand down back to her side, a small blush still on her face.
“Um, I need to, uh, go.” She says walking away pretty fast.
Did I scare her away with the kiss? Does she hate me?