"Wow! I'm on a boat to the island of a lifetime!" Zoey said eyes bright full of hope. "Exuse me? were you talking to me?" the guy next to me said, tall with a gap between his teeth. "Oh-uhhh no I'm sorry I have this weird habit talking to myself, I'm kind of my only friend...." Zoey said and tucked her hands behind her back sad and lonely. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, I'm Mike, if it makes it better I can be your friend." He said then put his hand out there for me to shake. "I'm Zoey, Nice to meet you Mike."

We got of the boat to the island. Not as she saw it the first season. "Welcome campers!" Chris said. "Now as you can probably tell the island is a little........deformed" "hey psssst" Mike whispered to me. "What?" Zoey whispered back. "Let's ditch this. it's just him talking no biggie". "But, I don't know, what if we get caught?" Zoey said. "We won't, Chris can go on and on so let's give him something to talk about....Shall we?" He cuffed his hands around his mouth and yelled "Hey Chris! Tell us all about you! Your realationships, your family everything! And tell us how you got so amazing!" Mike then took Zoeys hand and crawled out of the group.

"What shall we do?" Zoey said still nervous about sneaking out. "Your still nervous aren't you?" he said. "Yeah it's just, I NEVER done something like this! the baddest thing I ever did was took an animal cracker from my friend in pre-school!" "Woah, you must of been a real badass." Mike said trying to make Zoey smile, it worked. "Don't worry everythings gonna be fine. Trust me" Mike smiled, a smile that could make the sun seem dark. "Ok but if we get caught, I'm blaming it on you." "And I'm perfectly OK with that."

"So, uh, Zoey, what do you wanna do?" Mike said as he raised his eyebrow. "I don't know. Let's do something crazy!" Zoey said as she took out her ponytails. "Really?" Mike said thinking about what definition of "crazy" she was referring to. "No, I was just joking with you." "Oh you wanna do something with me?" he asked as nasty thoughts ran threw Zoeys mind. "Uh-" "I mean like you wanna steal some food or go threw Chris underwear draws or something." "That sounds fun!" Zoey said. "Ok. Now if I remember correctly Chris's cabbin is North." Mike said looking at the compass he took out of his pocket. "Yeah it should be over there next to the huge oak tree" Zoey said and pointed at it. "Your really smart" he said with a nice tone. "Thanks, ya kinda learn stuff when people throw textbooks at your head." She said getting sadder and sadder by the moment. "Awwwww I'm sorry. If I were there I would've thrown the textbooks at them 30x harder." Zoey put her head straight. "Don't let ANYONE hurt you, if they do come to me ok?" Mike said sad as well. "Ok" she smiled. "Do you want a piggyback ride?" Asked Mike poiletly and gentlemanly as he could. Zoey jumped on his back and said" why thank you kind sir" and started going north.

Part 2 is on the way ;)