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Opinion by sk91 posted over a year ago
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Eliza - backtoblack (Jeli)
1.First of all - Why Jate? What's so special about them?
Well first of all Lost is my absolute favorite show, so it`s logical that my OTP is form it. And Jate…well Jate is just magic! I really can`t believe there are people who don`t love them! They were shown as THE couple of the show since the very first episode! And their story developed in the most beautiful, intense, adorable, heartbreaking way! They made me cry, they made me laugh. Jack and Kate have it all: brilliant storyline, chemistry, amazing quotes, they went trough SO much together, and they are awesome characters on their own! So it`s pretty easy to love them.;p
I can go on with reason for loving them all night though, you know!;D

2.Is Jate your favorite fictional couple? If not, how high are they on your list?
They are THE ONE! Number one on my list by a mile!=)

3.Choose one:
Jack or Kate – JACK!=D
Freckles or tears – hah.I guess tears, freckles are too Skaty.lol
Opinion by Emm_xD posted over a year ago
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I know what you're thinking. "oh god, here she goes again with another JKvsSK article..." but I seriously can't help myself with this one! :P

I've compared Jate and Skate in general but I don't think I've compared their scenes. This is quite Kate-heavy - I wanted to show her choices/the ways she looks at the guys, etc. Sooo, here we go!

Jate's first meeting VS Skate's first meeting.

Erm... apparently Skate aren't epic enough to have their own first meeting *shrugs* let's just look at the amazingness that is the first JK scene instead (and also, check out the '5' on Kate's cheek - how much more fated can you get?! lol):

Jate's first kiss VS Skate's first kiss.

Who got their first kiss first? Skate. Who's kiss was actually worth waiting for? Yup -- Jate. But I'm gunna compare the way the couple looked at each other before the kiss instead of the actual kiss itself this time. So, the way Sawyer & Kate looked at each other before their kiss:
Opinion by livelydebate posted over a year ago
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"I love you."
What you saw on television, the show itself, was the ten percent of the 'iceberg' above the water. But the majority of our time in the writer's room was spent constructing the part below it. The details. The timeliness. The intricate backstories... -Darlton

That is an excerpt from the forward provided by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for the official LOST Encyclopedia. I happen to own that glorious book and I thought I'd take a minute and share with you the highlights for us Jaters.

Kate's section on Jack's page
[i]Jack was immediately attracted to Kate Austen after she mustered the courage to stitch up his wound from the crash. When Jack challenged Kate to a game of skills, he was surprised to learn how good she was and thrilled to find a mutual interest. Her independence both intrigued and annoyed him. This was a woman Jack could never control or predict her behavior.

Aware of the chemistry Kate also shared with Sawyer, Jack often used his medical skills to gain the upperhand. He coerced Sawyer into returning Kate's Halliburton case by threatening to stop giving Sawyer the antibiotic...