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Opinion by sk91 posted over a year ago
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Since Hannah, previous winner is out of fanpop at the moment I decided to put Rochelle's Interview on my own :) Sorry for being so late with this.

1.Jongrats Rochelle! You are newest Jate FOTM winner! How do you feel about it?
Happy, but I feel like other people really deserved it as well. There are so many amazing Jaters <3

2.As usually, maybe you could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well, my name’s Rochelle, I’m 15 and from Australia and I love Lost and writing music.

3.Why, when and how did you start watching Lost? And what keeped you interested in it?
My sister owned the series and when she was watching an episode from season 2 I joined her. I think the episode was Maternity Leave. I found the show really interesting and liked Kate a lot. So I borrowed season 1 & fell in love with Jack and Jate!

4.What about Jate? When you started to like them, which scene made you a shipper?
Opinion by xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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Sorry this is so late guys! The mango lover decided to be slooooow with sending me her answers ;)

1.) Jongrats Hannah! You are the new Jate FOTM!! How do you feel?
-I was super shocked. I mean I haven’t been on fanpop a lot in the last few months, or on the jate spot, so I think it’s awesome that you guys voted me.

2.) Let's start with our standard question - Tell us about yourself!
-What about me? Okay I’m kinda a boring person, but I’m super hyper and kinda random. I’m 17, and I live in Chicago. I don’t really know what else to add, mangos are my favorite food, hmmm green is my favorite color. Thunderstorms are the best weather. Lmao I’ll shut up now.

3.) When did you start watching Lost? What made you interested in it?
[b]-LOST ♥ is pretty my eternal love. Back in 2004 that was so long ago, my brother was watching season 1 on TV and it was the ‘white rabbit’ episode, a jack flashback. I fell for Matthew Fox from when I first saw his flashbacks. From his episode I knew there was just something about him that clicked in my mind. I loved him from when I first saw him, there was NEVER a...
Article by Kaidi posted over a year ago
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Hit me, kick me, slap me, smack me all you want for being late, but I come bearing gifts. Behold, it's the December FOTM interview with our Holly Dolly!

1.WOOOOO, FOTM! And with HOLLY! Yaay! So, what does it feel like?
This is an honor to me! I still can't quite believe how accepting you guys are of me. I know I was such a brat in the past, and I'm just truly thankful to have been given a second chance!

2.Since we are such nosy people, we want you to tell us something about yourself.
Well, if you don't already know, I'm 21 & I live in Maryland [USA]. I'm obsessed with all things Brucas & ummmm I have an adorable orange kitten, George, who is my spoiled little baby. I'm also addicted to Pepsi. I would kill somebody if they tried to take Pepsi away from me... ;)

3.So, Lost. When and why did you start watching it?
I didn't start watching Lost until the summer before Season 5. I had gone to the movies and I saw the 'You Found Me' promo... it blew me away! I had of course heard of Lost already, but I never got in to it for some reason. So I went to my library and started catching up from the...