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Opinion by sk91 posted over a year ago
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Congrats Ola!
I just wanted to say that whole credit for questions goes to Sophia. I'm just posting interview since she's being abset and she asked me to :)

1. How do you feel being the New Jate FOTM?
I'm so happy and suprised! But it feels great, thanks for everyone who voted on me. :)

2. Start by telling us something about yourself. :)
So, I'm Ola, I come form small city in Poland and I'm fifteen, in last class of middle school. I consider myself for tv junkie, shipping whore, books addicted and rock music prayer.

3. When and how did you start watching Lost?
The idea appeared in the half of August this year, I finished watching Fringe and I thought about watching Lost, another JJ's epicness. I once watched abit of it, but never tried to give the real chcance. And since S never tried to stop me from that... I gave up. xD

4. Did you ship Jate from the start? And what made you fall for them?
Opinion by sk91 posted over a year ago
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Jongrats Sophia!
1.Jongrats Sophia! How does it feel to be New Jate FOTM?
Thank you!It feels amazing,I’m so proud!Thank you all for voting for me,it means a lot!:)

2. As usually, maybe you could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well,I’m from Rome in Italy,I’m a student,one day I hope to become a doctor.What else…I can’t live without my bike,it takes me everywhere, LOL And I’m crazy about TV shows,xD.

3. So, when and how did your adventure with Lost started?
Well actually my cousin had the DVD for season one and I watched that one with her,that was around two years ago and I got so addicted to it,I immediately downloaded the rest and I fell in love with it!:)

4. As for Jate, when did you start shipping them for real? What made you a shipper?
Pretty much from the start.I loved their first meeting,I thought it was really special and I knew they will fall in love!And then they had all these amazing scenes that showed how much they care about each other.
Opinion by katie15 posted over a year ago
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Courtney is the lucky girl this month that won FOTM for this spot. I think we can all agree that she deserves this honour with the amazing icons/images she has added to this spot. On with the interview...

1. Jongrats! You are the newest Jate FOTM! How do you feel?
-Thank you! It feels amazing! I’m such a huge fan of Jate, and to be considered worthy of this honor by all the Jisters on this spot, it feels pretty great.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-My name is Courtney! I live in Alaska. I’m obsessed with Television. Chuck Bass and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates. I’m really in to learning new languages, I’m fluent in Spanish and I’m currently learning French. I have one more year before I’m off to college, and hopefully that college will be in Seattle, Washington. And as of three months ago, I am a vegan. Bored yet?

3. How high does Jate rank in your list of favorite couples?