Jack Hunter in season 7
Jack Hunter who's played by actor Matthew Lawrence.
Jack is my first favorite character in the series.
Jack has a younger brother, Shawn Hunter and has a father, Chet Hunter, who died later in the series.
Jack had a small relationship with Rachel McGuire.

Matthew's Character
Jack is a sensitive, sweet person that sometimes can get a little crabby or grouchy. Later in between season 6 and 7, Jack gets a little somewhat mean-like is because his testosterone levels build
up as he got older, he grows from a teenager to an adult during the series he's in. Although we see this in his younger brother Shawn who also gets a little selfish and grumpy, this has to do with their hormones and their testosterone levels. This is usually typical in boys as they get older.

Jack's Appearance
Jack has light brownish hair.
He has light brown eyes.
He has athletic body who we seen in the last 7th season, were he shows his muscular torso to the girls, Angela and Rachel.
He has a very beautiful smile.
He has a sweet sensitive touch but sometimes can get a little cranky.
Matthew Lawrence who protrays Jack Hunter