Part 7 contiunes from part 6

“She needed to know” Jillian said softly. Bella broke free of Jake’s grip and ran towards Edward, out of reaction Edward pushed her, and she flew onto a nearby tree Jacob angry ran threw is veins, his eyes grew red as he transformed onto a wolf, he chased Edward into the deep woods. Jillian ran to Bella’s side, she had a deep cut on her forehead, she quickly took off her sweater and placed it to her head to help slow down the bleeding, in the distance she could hear the rumbling and the growling from Edward and Jake’s fight. Bella sat up, “thank you” said Bella. “No problem.” Jillian replied. “Where’s Jake?” Bella asked. “He went after Edward” just then they heard a loud dog yelp. “I know about you and Jake, when he is around me he usually thinks of your kisses its kinda sweet” Jillian said “You can read minds?” Bella asked “Yea, I can, but I can’t read yours”
“Yea I get that a lot” said Bella as she stood up.
“It got quite in there” said Jillian
“I hope they don’t kill each other” said Bella, but just then from the darkness from the woods 2 eyes was glowing from the reflection of the moon light, it was Jacob he was limping to their surprise he had Edwards limbed body in his mouth he gently places him down in front of Bella.
“WHAT DID YOU DOOOOO?!?!?” Bella yelled as she placed Edward in her arms.
Jacob looked down his ears threw back like a scolded puppy.
“YOU’RE SUCH A MONSTER!” She continued.
Jake walked slowly to Edward he gently moves his leg with his nose but Bella smacks him, Jacob walks backwards slowly.
“LEAVE JACOB, YOU CAUSED SO MUCH DAMAGE AS IT IS, I REGRET THE DAY I MEET YOU!” Yelled Bella, Jacob slowly walked towards the woods he looked back to see Bella crying over Edward he turns his head and takes off into the darkness.
Jillian places her hand on Edwards’s neck, “His still alive, if we take him now to Carlisle he would be okay” Bella and Jillian rushed Edward to Carlisle. Edward was in and out of consciousness for two days, Bella never left his side, but on the 3rd day Jillian couldn’t stay quite anymore.
“Bella, out there in the woods, Jake didn’t have a choice” Jillian said as she handed her a coffee.
“What are you talking about? He almost killed him” she replied.
“Bella, Edward was going to kill him, he knew if he react and just hurt him badly he wouldn’t be here today” said Jillian.
“So you’re saying that Edward was going to purposely going to kill Jake and Jake wasn’t” Bella said as she giggled. “Do you not see how he left him” she continued.
“Bella listen to me, Jake had a chance to kill him, but he didn’t, he brought him to you, he didn’t leave him there.” Bella’s smile quickly turned to a straight face.
“No, he wanted to, Edward wouldn’t purposely kill him” Bella defended.
“Think hard Bella, when he nudged his leg with his nose he was trying to tell you he wasn’t dead, he didn’t want to kill him therefore he didn’t, he left him hurt because it was either him getting killed or not get killed and hurt Edward to save himself” said Jillian.
Bella face turned pale, she never thought about it that way. Just then Edward opened his eyes, when he saw Bella he quickly tried to sit up. “Bella, I’m so, so, so, so, so, so, so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” he said. Bella grabbed his hand, “Edward relax” she said.
“Hey there Eddie” said Jillian
Edward rolled his eyes. “Listen Jill, I want to be with Bella, I’m sorry for leading you on but this is the woman for me” said Eddie
But Bella quickly let go of his hand, “No Edward, see I have been secretly sneaking around with Jake, and I think I fell in love with him.” Said Bella.
“You really want to be with him, look at what he did to me” said Edward.
“And look at what you did to me” Bella reviled her scar on her forehead
Edward gripped his sheets “I should have had killed him when I had the chance”
Bella stood up in furry, “Edward, don’t you touch him, you leave him alone!” Bella exclaimed she rushed to her truck and headed to Jacob’s. When she got there he was cleaning his mustang. He was shirtless with his short jeans.
“Jacob, how are you?” she asked.
Jake slowly turned his face towards her, she was stock to see the big burse he had over his right eye. But Jake ignored her and continued to wash his car.
“Jacob, I’m sorry, I……….I………I didn’t know that he was trying to kill you”
“Well this monster actually has a heart Bella, why would I kill him and risk a war, or risk me losing you forever” Jake said as he threw his towel in the bucket fill with water. Jacob walked away; Bella noticed he was still limping.
“Jake, please look at me” she said as she grabbed his arm. Jake stood still, but didn’t turn her way.
“Bella, listen why don’t do just leave me alone, why are you here anyway, don’t you want to live happily ever after with him” Jake pulls his arm away from her “I mean you do regret me” he continued as he glances at her.
“Jacob, I know I said some messed up things to you, but I didn’t mean them”
“Bella I defended you, I always have, when he left I was here, I was here even before he left, I was here when he came back, but my love for you just isn’t good enough, I’m tired of being your toy, one day you love me next day you hate me, after all I have done, I didn’t kill him because I knew if I did I would have lost you Bella, you wouldn’t have forgave me for it” Jake turns and looks into Bella’s eyes “Maybe, just maybe I should have let him kill me, you could live without me as long as his around, no regrets and no confusion” he continued.
Bella’s eyes watered, “That is so not true Jake, I broke up with him today, I notice that I love you more than anything, I’m sorry Jacob, I know I have done some mistakes, but you aren’t one Jacob, please Jake I need you.” Bella tears was streaming threw her face, it broke jakes heart to see her like that, he reached out his arms and held her tightly to his chest.
“It’s ok Bella, breath and relax, I’m here for you and I will always be here for you” Jake rest his head on her hair. Bella slowly catches her breath, she then looks up and Jakes face, she didn’t care about his burse she loved him regardless. She gently caressed his face and kissed him, but this time it was different, she felt a flash of light, she saw them like it was life on fast forward, she saw them getting married, kids, and a home on the revere. Jake and Bella slowly parted.
“Did you fell that” Bella asked.
“Yea” Jake answered.
“What was that?” she asked.