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Fan fiction by CREDDIECHANNY posted over a year ago
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As I was falling in the darkness, images started to appear by my face. They were images of all the times me and Jacob had spent together when Edward was gone and how happy I felt. I knew that without him I would be nothing but also without Edward it would be the same. Then I slammed onto the ground with a loud thud and snapped awake. Apparently it was all a dream. i never made that call to Jacob and I never was waiting for Edward. I saw the pale sun barely peeking out from behind the mountains and then I knew what I had to do.

When I started hiking up the mountain, I took one last look down at Forks and was sure no one would be looking for me by now. I had left Charlie a note saying.

Went hiking.
Be back at dinner.

So I stopped at a clearing in the mountains and set down my stuff. I set up the tent and waited inside. I knew that if I didn't exist then my friends wouldn't be in such danger. So I sat down and waited for the one person that hated me the most.I then heard a rustling in the trees and then all of a sudden I was staring into a pale...
Fan fiction by KatiiCullen94 posted over a year ago
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"Hey, dad, I'm going to the Blacks to see jacob after school, do you think you can organise your own dinner?," i asked when in my rush down the stairs. I was running late for school again.
I hope that charlie understand that when i said organise, i mean order pizza not cook, i want to come home to a house, not ash.
"Ok Bells, One cheese pizza should be enough" he snickered. Charlie had been given days off from work lately, for his back. He fell while taking out the trash. It was then when i realised that my clunsiness was in fact gene related.
i scuffed over to his side, struggling to get on my bag and still put on my parker.
I bent down and stole a hug for a second.
"Now dad, i know you cant do much, but please dont watch Tv all day, or at least in a certain position for too long" I said while leaving in my continued hurry.
Stopping and realising that these steps were a real hazard, i took it slow, a comment replied from inside.
"Ok, Nurse Bella."
Fan fiction by CREDDIECHANNY posted over a year ago
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(Last time Victoria almost got Bella but Jacob saved her)
"Jacob I need to talk to you," I said as I got to his garage.
"About what?"
"About what happened in my house when Victoria almost got me"
"Oh yeah about that.."
"What happened is that we managed to chase her but she's too slippery."
"So where is she now?"
"Probably somewhere in Florida"
"You mean you chased her all the way there?"
"Well why?You do realize my mother is there right?"
"We know. That's why we've set up an advanced detector which senses anything and shows you anything in sight. As long as you have a tracker"
"Ok then. So how's your wound"
"It's almost fully healed.I think"
"Well it's a good thing I was around or you would've never had help with that wound."
"Yeah thanks for everything"
"Soooo um a couple of friends and I are going to go see a new movie. I forget the title but I was just wondering if you wanted to go?"