Jacob and Bella New Eclipse Look :)

Irreversible posted on Jul 04, 2010 at 11:16PM
Hey guys . In here you can post your banners , icons , quotes for the new spot look . You can too discuss some other ideas like what scenes do you wanna use & such . Now that we got our Jacob/Bella kiss , we shall not wasted ;)

The deadline for banners & icons should be something around next month or maybe earlier . It depends in how many banners we get in & when I think that is all the banners they are going to summit, I will make the pick & you guys will decide . That goes for the motto too . Post quotes from book or movie & we would make a pick too & choose . Have fun guys ! <3

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over a year ago mdigs73 said…
over a year ago Brysis said…
My fav banner is the first one from crazymonkey and the icon from sophie-jade!
Have you decided what motto you´re going to put up?
over a year ago Irreversible said…
over a year ago x-Sophie-Jade-x said…
another amazing icon ..
another amazing icon ..