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Fan fiction by blondie1997 posted over a year ago
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We go into the kitchen and sit facing each other.As we do i hear Seth leave.
"So what was that all about?"my mam asks knowing exactly what it is all about.
"Mam i'm sorry i should have told you.I was just scared you would think he was like Mike but his not.I though you wouldn't leave me see him any"i honestly say.
"You really like sweety don't you?"
I don't answer i just look at the table and blush.
"He must really like you since he told you he loved you.I never once heard Mike say that to you"
"I'm sorry mam"
"I know you are i used to be like you.Now go to bed it is getting late"she says and kisses my head.
I get ready for bed and go straight to bed.I lay in bed woundering if Seth will come but he doesn't.He probably doesn't want to get me in any more trouble.After a few minutes i fall fast asleep.
The next evening after school Devon comes over to my and we go up to my room.We drop our bags on the ground and we sit on my bed.
Fan fiction by blondie1997 posted over a year ago
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It's been three days since Seth's birthday and as a present i promised him i would tell my mam we have been dating.I walk around my room thinking of how i could tell my mam.I have been home from school for about three hours and got all my homework done.
My thinking is interuped when i hear a beabing.My mam opens my bedroom door a few secound later smiling.
"Honey are you done you'r homework?"she says.
"Yeah why?".
"Seth is downstairs waiting to bring you to Renesme's house.Be back by nine okay"she says knowing i want to go.
"Thanks mam"i say giving her a hug and quickly going downstairs.
Seth is talking to Andy when i get downstairs and he smiles at me brightly and cheerful.I give Andy a big hug then me and Seth leave in his car.Seth takes my hand as he is driving and the radio is on so i sing along.
We get to the Cullen's house in no time Seth and i get out of the car.I start to walk towards the house then Seth gently tugs me back and i woble.Seth steadies me and takes my hands in his.He smiles at me and can see that i am confused his smile gets bigger.
Fan fiction by blondie1997 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 8: busted.

Today is Janurary the first and it is Seth's birthday.We have been dating for five months now.My mam doesn't know yet but i am planing to tell her soon.We are at the Collins house celabrating hi birthday and all his friends are here.
"Happy birthday" we say as he blows out his birthday candals.
After we have a pictuir taken Seth takes my hand and leads me through the crowd.He stops infront of a women my height and about forthy years old.
"Emma this is my mother Susan clearwater" he says.
"Hi"i say smiling.
"Hi it's nice to meet you"she says smiling back.
"Susan"someone calls from the crowd she smiles and disappears into the crowd.
After the party i help the faimly clean up.When i am done i sit on the sofa beside Setg.He puts hes arm around me and i put my head on his cheast.He i s lovely and warm so i instintly warm up.I feel Seth kiss the top of my head and i breath in deeply.He smell like the woods my favourite place to be.Then Jacobe cames in and jestures for Seth to go with him.I sigh and sit up straight.Seth is smiling and i cann't help but smile back.He gives me a quick kiss and...