Chapter 11: Choosing the right path.
Renesmee shifted away from him, pressing her back as far against the car door as it would go. The small space was too close and his scent was overwhelming.
"Why?" she whispered. His eyes crinkled for a moment and he looked at her, his silver eyes stirring with hidden emotion.
"I'm not sure. The same reason your Jacob has one with you. It's not something we can control,"
"You can't have one with me. I love Jake," He didn't flinch but she saw the deep hurt in his eyes. Her heart stuttered. She didn't want to cause him any pain. His hand slowly moved up into the air and she didn't stop it.
"I'm sorry Renesmee. You’re just... so beautiful," he murmured. His hot breath fanned across her face and she blinked, her mind going blank.
"You don't even know me," his hand had made its way up to her face. Renesmee flinched just slightly but didn't pull away. An alarm was sounding in her head. But at the same time there was something pulling her closer.
"My body obviously knows what it wants, and I want you," Blake's voice was smooth as honey. She pulled away just slightly.
"Why?!" he pulled away, leaning against the passenger door.
"I didn't mean to Imprint with you. It's not something that any of us can control. I never thought it would happen to me. But it did. I saw you and you are now my reason to live," his voice trailed off into a whisper.
"I can't," hurt whipped across his face.
"You don't really have a choice. You have an Imprint with me as well, whether you like it or not. Jacob's Imprint is just as strong but in the end one will win and the others will break," his smooth voice had darkened,
"And I don't plan on that being mine," he jerked the car door open and she watched as he disappeared out of sight, his massive body disappearing quickly.
Renesmee heaved a deep breath, her body shaking.
Renesmee’s thoughts were scattered and cloudy as she made her way back home, barely paying attention to where she was going. Climbing out of the car she caught the familiar scent of Jacob and smiled.
"Jake!" she called. Renesmee heard him move in the house and waited for him to come outside.
His footsteps inside were slow. The door opened slowly and she took a step back. His face was clouded with anger, his eyes dark. His hands and shoulders were shaking and he looked down upon her with malice.
"Jake?" She whispered.
"His scent is all over you Nessie! How could you!?!" she shook her head wildly, her curls bouncing.
"Jake nothing happened!" she yelled. His body rippled, convulsions shaking him.
A deep growl ripped from his throat.
Where was everyone when she needed them to be annoying and intrusive? She looked at Jacob and her body locked down. She crouched low, waiting. He was fighting it but it was so obvious he wasn't going to win.
"Jake don't" She whispered.
"Yeah Jacob don't," a smooth honey voice called from the trees. Blake stepped out from the thick brush, his face impassive.
Jacob exploded forward into her massive russet wolf, murder intent on his face. She ran out in between them, as Blake burst into his wolf form. Looking from Jacob to Blake, Renesmee sent Blake off. She needed to be with Jacob, she loved him not Blake. She didn’t want Jacob to get hurt, because she knew that she wouldn’t be whole without him.