This is my story i have been writing. my friends like it. i own nothing though i wish i did. this is about Renesmee, Jacob, Seth, and a few original characters.

Chapter one: first day
“Wake up honey” my mother gently shook me awake “you have to get ready for school”
“Mom I really don’t see why I am going to regular high school” I had stressed the fact I didn’t want to go to public school I had been home schooled all of my life and can comprehend more than most adults.
“I can’t even tell anyone you are my parents. According to the town you are my aunt and uncle and my real parent died in a car crash.”
“You know why nessie you are half human you need to have human experiences. We are only asking you to go for a year. We know it’s hard to lie forever.”
My father must have heard what we were talking about and came up “Renesmee I went to high school for eighty years I had three medical and science degrees and I still went to school. Something wonderful could happen.”
They stared into each others eyes. I didn’t have to have dad’s ability to read minds to know that they were thinking about when they met five years ago. He tried not to kill my mother in the beginning because her blood caused him pain, but they fell in love and had me, but my birth was so brutal it killed her. My father gave her enough venom to save her by turning her into a vampire.
“ Mom, in case you forgot. I have a boyfriend. Seth. Remember. One of the wolves.” I reminded her
“My love we must go Alice and Rosalie are coming to make sure Nessie is presentable for her first day.” my father said sweeping my mother out of the room.
“Nessie come on, time to get ready.” said my tiny but favorite aunt Alice, I grimaced. When they meant get ready they meant a two hour beauty parade.. My aunts flighted around the room trying to decide what matched the best, how they would do my hair, what bag I would carry, and what jewelry I would wear. In the end they decided on an orange camisole with a flowing orange and yellow semi-see through over shirt, skinny jeans, brown high heel boots, and a tan over the shoulder bag. They let my bronze hair hang in the natural ringlets down my back.
I went down stairs to the kitchen to grab breakfast and I found my grandma Esme cooking me French toast. When she put it on the plate she put whip cream all over the top and smothered it in syrup.
“Thanks Gram” I said as I reached for it. Then I heard voices I could recognize in heart beat. I turned around and saw Jacob, and Seth.
    What could I say about them. They were without a doubt two of my most favorite people. Jacob…so sweet and kind. He’s like a brother to me. He would play dolls with me when I was little. Now we fight over which songs suck and which don’t. He is my best friend.
    Seth…Kind and sweet like Jake, but there is something more to Seth. His russet skin, soft to the touch, whereas the other wolves had rough calloused skin. His brown eyes so full of light, when everyone else had cold black eyes. He isn’t afraid of saying that he cant do something. He also happened to be a little too innocent for his own good being. I laughed when he told me that he cringes when Embry tries to explain why he missed patrol. The reasons were almost always girls.
When they walked into the kitchen I swear I heard gram say something about making a whole loaf of French toast for Jacob. He ate a lot of food. Even more than most of his pack.
“Seth!” I said throwing my arms around his neck and jumping so I could wrap my legs around his waist
“ Someone’s excited to see me.” He said smirking and wrapped his arms around me holding me closer while I was still hanging on to him.
“ You think.” I said kissing his surprised lips.
“Hey, none of that before breakfast” my uncle Emmet said from the living room
“But, dear, dear uncle Emmet. You see. You don’t eat. So I can gross you out all I want.” I said stroking the back of Seth’s neck with my thumb nail.
“ well not me,” Jake said snidely, “ by the way I don’t expect as big a welcome as my good buddy Seth here, but do I at least get a hug.”
“ Of course.” I said jumping off of Seth and giving Jake a hug.
“Hey Ness, do you want us to drive you to school, because we were on our way to Charlie’s today with Billy and Sue.” He asked me thought I could tell he was lying about going to my grandpa Charlie’s.
“Thanks Jake just let me finish eating.” I scarfed down my toast, grabbed my back pack, and went to get in the rabbit.
On the way to school we talked about how I thought it was stupid for me to regular high school. He talked about his latest project a baby blue vespa scooter. Seth all the while sat in the back seat and massaged my shoulders. We pulled into the parking lot. We sat in the car for a few minutes getting some stares and weird looks. I knew they weren’t looking at the car it blended in with the other car on the lot. I knew it had to do with the passengers with two almost seven foot quilutettes with an eight pack and a five foot four pale girl with a face that looks like she needs a good night sleep. I said bye to Jacob, and had a 30 second make-out session with Seth, and started to walk to the administration office to get my schedule. The stares kept coming and there were whispers too. Well there was one thing for sure I was sure to be the talk of the school. I turned around to the parking lot just in time to see the rabbit pull out. I was surprised to see I was shedding a tear. I wasn’t sure how I was going to live for the rest of the day. I hoped I would see one friendly face but I didn’t get my hopes up.