this is chapter three. like it says in the title. Im re editing my entire story and this is the edited version, Hope you like it. Send me a prop. tell me if you like it and how i could change it.

“Renesmee what’s wrong?” Samantha asked.
“Jacob.” I said with a hiss.
“Who is Jacob?” Chris asked with a smirk.
“Not who you think he is Chris.” I said annoyed.
“He has been a friend of my mo… aunt for years he is closer to my age though. My boyfriend goes to school on the reservation.”
“Then why do you look so distressed Renesmee?” Samantha asked worriedly.
“he never finished high school so I think he is enrolling.” I hissed
“You can call me Nessie if you want,” I said in a lighter tone.
He walked into the cafeteria. “Hey Ness!” he said when he found us.
I was fuming. “What are you doing here Jake?” I growled
“You know I never finished high school,” He said pleasantly.
“So you enrolled Here! Please tell me you aren’t a senior,” I was fuming, my vampire instincts were taking over.
“Yep.” He said popping his lips on the p. He was calmer than I was and he has a terrible temper. Then he did the unspeakable. He smiled his goofy Jake grin that helped him get away with anything. He knew I couldn’t stay mad much longer after that. That smile always made me melt since I was little.
“Sorry Jacob. I guess I just got a little worked up and thought that Bella and Edward sent you to spy on me.” I said.
“Ahem. Uh Nessie we’re still here.” Samantha said finally. I completely forgot they were there.
“Oh sorry guys I got a little worked up. Jacob this is Chris and Samantha Weber.” I said embarrassed.
“You wouldn’t happen to be Jacob Black would you.” Chris asked quickly
“Yes I am.” Jake said matter of factually.
“My sister saw you here at the school a couple of times.” Chris explained.
“Yeah I came up here to see a friend. I actually live on the reservation,” Jacob said. He looked like he was still thinking.
“What are you thinking about Jake? Did Edward send anyone else to spy on me?” I said jokingly.
“Uh…err.” He said hesitantly.
“Who else did they send?” I said with a growl.
“Uh…Seth,” He said awkwardly. I was taken aback. I didn’t want Seth to come to school here because I was scared of him finding his imprint. Then I would lose him forever.
“When will he get here.” I hissed through my teeth.
“Nessie were still here.” Chris said befuddled.
“Sorry guys. I’ll deal with them later,” I mumbled
“So what do we have for the rest of the day.”
“I have government, gym, English, and calculus,” Samantha said with a sigh.
“Same but in a different order.” Chris said grumbling.
“Well, I have probability and statistic, home Ec., gym, and theater productions.” I said calmly knowing Jake wouldn’t be in trig and he wouldn’t step foot near a stage
“I have all of that except trig. I have calculus.” He said smartly. This was going to make for an interesting day. My family was going to pay.