hey fanpoppers, i have decided to write in Jacobs point of view how he might have felt and what he could have been thinking during the third book, this is only a short preview to see what you guys think and if should continue with this

I had four missed calls from Bella and countless voice messages on my phone, I hated ignoring her but she chose that filthy bloodsucker and I can’t stand being around him.
“Why can’t you too just get along?” some of the last words Bella said to me triggered my memory; of course it’s easy for Bella to think that we can all be best friends and have a happy ending, unfortunately happy endings are stories that haven’t finished, plus why would I want to get along with one of my mortal enemies who has stolen the heart of the only girl that I love. I sat on the couch at Emily’s house staring at a blank TV while the pack was outside playing around and trying to get some sense in Leah. Emily was cooking something that filled the whole room with the smell I didn’t realise how hungry I was until now, my stomach was roaring like crazy, I got off the couch and went outside.
“Bella called again, should I call her back, maybe I should put on an accent and call her” Quil and Embry joked. I rolled my eyes at them …