Hey guys I'm going to put this chapter in two parts because I'm using my touch to type this up so excuse the poor grammar.

I almost ran a red light, but put my foot harder on the pedal, i was almost to the airport i could see the large building.

I was waiting in line looking at the flight board seeing where i could go but none of these places made me excited or interested me...
"Blair!" i head my name getting called out so i turned around looking at people who i might notice.
"Blair!" i heard again, then in the line of people i saw Stefan towering over them pushing and shoving to get to me.
"Stefan?" I asked shocked to see him here
"Hey Bee, i heard what happened with Jacob and your mums boyfriend and everything..." he trailed off, he opened his mouth to speak again but i cut him off
"Wait how did you know i was here?" i asked confused
"I followed your scent" he said more quieter now, i just sighed and pulled my hair behind my ear. Stefan took my hand and was pretty much dragging me away from crowds and people until we came to a corner where there was no one, except for us of couse.
"Listen Bee, please don't go anywhere; i know you're probably mad at Jake and he was an idiot to react like that but come home, imagine what your mother will think she will be worrying non stop about you, and Jake will never forgive himself and god knows what he will do without you, and you can't leave me Blair, your my best friend, well bestest friend to be more precise, and your always here for everyone, i don't know what i would do without you even for a week! and Jacob will mentally go insane-" i cut him off from his long, long persuasive speech
"Fine...I'll stay but im not ready to go back to La Push" i said, Stefans mouth spread into a massive smile and before i knew it i was off the ground; being crushed into Stefans body with a tight bear hug.
"Okay Stefan...Can't breathe" i choked out he let go straight away
"Shoot im sorry Blair i just got over excited ill be more careful next time" he still had a grin on his face, and his gorgeous eyes were that forest green colour again.

Stefan and I went somewhere to eat and drove around.
"are you going to forgive Jacob anytime soon?" he asked but I changed the topic
"how's angel?" I asked I haven't heard about her in a while now.
"She's okay she doesn't really stay with me anymore she visits though but you know it's too difficult especially because of what she is even though she has that gift which really helped"
"do you think my mum will find out about the werewolves and vampires I'd she continues to see lucas?" I asked him more worried now. I liked talking to Stefan about these things because he didn't get angry about the vampires.
"well I don't know but your mother will always be protected no matter what la push is filled with werewolves"
"I hope sue doesn't find out, because she would then know I was lying to her about everything and Kay never trust me ever again" I said and my lower lip pouted out a bit from habit.
"bee your mum loves you no matter what she will always trust you, yes se might be a bit upset an annoyed at first with you but she's your mum" he told me. We were almost to la push now.
"hey we don't have a song" Stefan said I didn't know what he was talking about
"well you know a friendship song that describes our friendship" he said
"oh well I'll turn on the radio and whatever song plays that can be our song" I turned on the radio and some rap song was playing Stefan laughed
"oh yeah that's totally us" he joked I giggled and laughed at the song...