I dont get why everyone is on Edwards team and not on Jacobs team. Edward is a skunkbag who likes leaving ppl in forests . Heres why you should be on Jacobs team:
You should be on Jacobs team because he took care of Bella while Edward was gone. He made her happy when she was feeling down. He has a glowing personality. And he is SEXY.
He is the one who left Bella in the wood , alone ,crying. You shouldnt be on Edwards team because..... Hes too mysterious for his own good . He is stalker. He is overprotective . And he tried to commit suicide when thought Bella was dead because Rosalie thought so . He has DUMB ASS written across his forehead seriously. He wasnt even gonna come to her funeral or anything that just shows he doesnt care about her. He was the one that started the conflict with Jacob when he hit Jacob with his chest for no reason.
Now if Bella was smart she wouldnt have a baby w/ Edward . Now twihards open ur eyes . Even thogh Bellas 18 shes 2 young 2 get married.
Excuse my language
- Tayloraddict-1