Bella, Edward and Renesmee Cullen
Hi, everyone! This is a new story about Jacob and Renesmee. Please comment and tell me what you think. <3

I was in the middle of a familiar forest, and it was almost pitch black. From the corner of my eye I could see four ancient looking vampires dressed in black cloaks. As I stepped on a branch of of them turned to see me. “Nessie!” my father yelled as he jumped defensively in front of me. And I realized that the vampires were my direction.

    “Hello, Nessie?” My eyes fluttered open to see my Aunt Rose hovering over my bed. “Finally, are you okay Nessie?”she asked concerned, as I sat up in my bed.

    “Yeah, it was just a dream.” I said, but I was mostly telling myself that. “I'll be down, after I get dressed.” I told her. Aunt rose nodded and left the room. My room was designed by Aunt Ali, Aunt Rose and Grandma...of course (though they liked to just be called, Ali, Rose and Esme). It had light pink walls decorated with scattered purple shapes. The nightstand and the dresser were a soft cream colour. I also had a huge walk in closet that got refilled every couple of months by Alice. It was very organized and almost looked a store itself. The clothes were in rows and on a turntable while the shoes were on shelves.

    I got out of bed and went to the bathroom that was connected to my room , after brushing my teeth and returned to my room. I walked into my closet and quickly sniffed out a pair of faded blue jeans and a light yellow tee shirt.
    By the time I'd gotten downstairs my parents were waiting for me. They had their own little cottage bright beside the main house but I often stayed here with my grandparents. “Nessie.” my mother had gotten used to calling me that lately, like everyone else. “We'll be going out for the day, so we're going to drop you off at Jacob's.” my mother (Bella) told me.

    Fifteen minutes later I was knocking on the door to Jake's red house, taking me by surprise he swung the door open rapidly. Before I could say anything he was giving me a bear hug, I struggled out of his grasp so that I could breath. Jacob laughed at the expression on my face before saying “Wow, you're getting big!”

    “Ha!” I laughed as I stepped inside. I was only seven years old but I looked about fifteen. I used to grow really fast and within weeks I'd look years older, but I had slowed down and now I grew at an average rate. “You, Too!” I said putting a shocked expression on my face. Jake and i always joked around like this.

    Something felt different today though, from he minute Jake's eyes met mine. “Are you okay, Jake?” I asked him. He looked at me for a moment before opening his mouth to speak.

    “Uh...Yeah.” He responded. “I'll be back, okay. I just need to check something with the pack.” I nodded, but he was already out the door. I figured I mine as well do something. I grabbed a banana out of the fruit bowl on the counter and sat down on the couch. I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels for a while. The minutes passed and Jacob had not yet returned.