When Nessie finally forgave me it felt like all the wrongs in the world were suddenly set right. I still didn’t understand Bella’s gift of sending us to Hawaii. Nessie and I could have worked this out back home. I wondered what would make Bella think of Hawaii. What did she know that I didn’t? What exactly was Bella’s plan? Why would she send her unwed daughter with me of all people to Hawaii? Nessie had rejected my proposal to her and I certainly wouldn’t have thought to let my daughter go away anywhere with a guy alone. Not if I had a daughter. It wasn’t because Bella was scrimping on the room. She had more money than she knew what to do with. I know this was a tourist destination, but it’s not like there weren’t other rooms. It couldn’t be because the hotel was booked solid. But I wasn’t going to question her motives the whole vacation. There was an oversized couch, if nothing else there was the floor. Bella had planned an entire week of activities for Nessie and me to do. Everything from snorking with dolphins to dinner shows. She even planned for us to see the volcano on the main island. Nessie was so happy now that nothing else mattered. Nessie combed the room, taking in all the beauty as I watched her. She opened the slider to the deck and looked out onto the beach as I began to unzip the suitcase Bella had packed for me. When I opened the suitcase I saw a tiny black satin box with a small envelope attached. I quickly turned my back away from Nessie and opened the envelope. Inside was a note that simply said “Ask her again!” I quietly slipped the note into my pocket and checked over my shoulder once before I opened the tiny box. Inside was a gold ring. A hand-crafted wolf baying at a diamond moon. I gasped and quickly closed the box and shoved it into my pocket. This is what Bella had been planning? But how could I ask her again. Nessie hadn’t said anything to me about her research since Edward had destroyed the vial with my blood. Then I remember Carlisle. Carlisle had taken my blood before when he was nursing me after the battle with the newborns. Then I had given in to his fascination once and allowed him to take another sample after I had transformed into my wolf. I shook this off. I wasn’t about to ask her yet anyway. I wasn’t going to risk another fight with Nessie. I was going to wait for Nessie to say something rather than draw my own stupid conclusions since I was usually wrong anyway. So I went to Nessie and played to cool.
“So… Nessie what do you think? Quite the view huh?”
“Jacob this is awesome!”
“Well your mom has a lot of stuff planned for us. Here she gave us a list. What do you want to do first?”
“How about the swimming with dolphins?”
“I’m game, let’s get our bathing suits on and go for it?”
Nessie opened her suitcase behind me as I was heading to the bathroom to change. I heard the quick sound of paper crushing. Guess Bella left Nessie a note in her suitcase too. I smiled and just continued on my way to change. I hid the ring box on top of the high shelf in the bathroom behind a silk floral arrangement. Nessie changed quickly. I had to admit she looked really cute in a bikini. Absolutely beautiful. I made sure she had on plenty of sun block, didn’t want her to get burned. We went on our swimming trip. Neither one of us had seen a dolphin up close. Nessie was hysterical. She was allowed to hang onto the dolphin’s dorsal fin and take a ride. It cracked me up as she hung on and screeched with excitement as the dolphin pulled her along through the water. When the activity was over we just went swimming a while then we lay on the beach soaking up the sun. As dusk came we showered separately. As I was getting dressed I put the ring in my pocket and left the box behind the floral arrangement on the shelf. Nessie hadn’t said anything about the note I was sure Bella had left for her in her suitcase. I came out of the bathroom and saw Nessie in a beautifully delicate blue dress. She swished the skirt as little at me then slowly turned for me to take it all in. I just beamed at her with my biggest smile.
“So how do I look?”
“Gorgeous! Let’s get going. We have a reservation waiting”
She lightly bounced to my side as I held my arm out to her in a gentleman’s fashion as she slid to my side wrapping her hand around. The restaurant was five star and right on the beach. We ate dinner by candlelight. Still I kept wondering, would she ever tell me about her research? Would she tell me about Bella’s note to her? Would she say anything to me on her own? Would I mess everything up again if I asked her to tell me? When Nessie wanted dessert I just asked for a bite and she fed it to me sweetly. But the evening was almost at an end. I just had to take a chance. The ring was burning an imaginary hole in my pocket. We left the restaurant and walked on the beach outside our hotel room holding hands. My mind was spinning with ways to coax her to tell me what her note said. Spinning with ideas of asking about her research. Finally I cleared my throat to get her attention and the swallowed deep.
“You know Nessie…your mom left me a note in my suitcase”
“She left me one too. What did yours say?”
I stopped and took her hands “No…you tell me what yours said first”
“It said…tell him”
“Tell me what?” I played as she pulled her hands away and pulled two pieces of paper out of her purse and handed them to me. I opened the papers and looked them over. I had no ideas what I was looking at.
“Tell you that we are a perfect genetic match!” she laughed
I was in heaven. I completely bugged out. I hollered at the top of my lungs “YES! WHOOO…HOO!” and fell to my knees in front of her throwing the papers in the air.
“What did your note say Jacob?”
I grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me. “Ask her again! Nessie I’m asking you again, please…please be my loving wife and marry me!”
“Yes” she whispered
“YES?” I shouted
“YES, JACOB! She hollered at me.
I jumped up and fumbled the ring out of my pocket and placed it gently on her finger as she smiled. Then hugged her into my body lifting her feet off the ground as I spun in circles till we were both dizzy. I kissed her softly as first then, as she gave in to me more I let myself go, my mouth molded into hers. I felt her breath in my throat. I swept her up into my arms and headed back to the hotel. Nessie was finally mine. All mine. I wasn’t waiting one minute.

I hadn’t slept all night. I was too overwhelmed with joy to sleep. Nessie had fallen asleep in my arms. I loved the way her body felt next to my skin. I really didn’t want to move but I heard her tummy growl slightly as she slept. I quietly slid out of bed, took the hotel phone into to bathroom and ordered two of everything off the breakfast menu. I figured she would be as hungry as I was from all the passion of last night. As I crept back to the bed I noticed the slight staining on the white silk sheets that barely covered her. I had stolen the last piece of her childhood from her and was concerned she would be sore when she woke up which didn’t make me happy. But as I watched her sleep I took in all of her beautiful figure and the angelic expression on her face. There was a slight blush lingering in her cheeks and a small smile curled in her soft lips. She looked peaceful. It brought warmth to my heart as I began to relax a tiny bit and took a deep breath. I sat near her on the bed and traced my finger along her body starting from her temple and ending by her thigh. My touch roused her from her slumber as she stretch herself out and opened her eyes.
“Hey, how are you feeling? Hope I wasn’t too rough with you?” I asked
“No, it was wonderful, Jacob” she whispered
“Time to get up, I can hear your tummy growling. Room service is on the way”
“Do we have to? Can’t we just stay here in bed?” Her pouty face made my heart sing as I smiled.
“We could come back…later…but I really want you to eat something first. Okay?” I murmured
“Okay?” she sighed
I retrieved a bathrobe for her as she stretched again and slowly climbed out from the bed. I held the bathrobe open for her as she slipped her arm in and wrapped it closed just in time for the knock at the door. I grabbed another robe and quickly threw it on myself as I answered the door. A hotel employee wheeled in a huge cart filled to the top with food and began to lay out the hoard of food I had ordered, and then quickly left.
“How much food did you order, Jacob?” she gasped
“The whole menu. I’m starving. Bet you are too.” I chuckled
She laughed with me as we ate up everything in front of us. When we were finished, the hard moment of the day began. I really wanted to know for sure if she was okay.
“Yes, Jake?”
“Are you sure you’re okay? I mean…I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I?”
“No…Jake, it was perfect. I feel fantastic!”
“Really, really fantastic.”
“Okay. So what should we do today? Horseback riding, hiking, we could see the volcano?”
“Can we just stay here…for a while?” she blushed
“Nessie, you’re making me blush?” I chuckled
“Please…?” She pouted at me.
She didn’t have to beg though as I swept her into my arms and went back to the bed. I would give her anything she asked for without hesitation. Especially this. We stayed in bed all day. I certainly didn’t complain. I loved being with her in every way. My goal in life was to satisfy her every desire. In the days that followed we did eventually see the volcano, go horseback riding, dancing under the moonlight and all the wonderful things Bella had planned for us to do. When the week came to an end Nessie called home and told Bella that we were engaged. Bella’s voice carried so loudly I could near it across the room as she shrilled with excitement. Bella told Nessie that Edward was home which made her happy. I wasn’t too excited though. I figured he would be waiting to kill me. If Nessie was my daughter, I’d kill the guy too. He must already know that Nessie and I had shared our passion for each other. My mind was racing with images of my imminent death, but Nessie was so happy I put on a brave face and held on to what little hope I had left. Would Edward really accept me as his son-in-law? The plane ride was faster than Nessie and I had expected. Nessie called Bella to tell her we had arrived safely and found out Bella wanted us to come to Carlisle’s home. I guess Bella wasn’t taking any chances either on my possible death by Edward’s hand. I drove as slowly as I could legally do as I brought Nessie home to Carlisle’s place. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road as I watched Nessie spinning the engagement ring around on her finger as we drove. As we headed up the driveway to Carlisle’s house I was holding my breath. The house was dark. All the lights were off. I was very nervous as Nessie and I climbed the stairs to the front door. As we opened the door and walked in, the lights came on as a flurry of voices cried out “SUPRISE!!!” A surprise party! What a shock as Nessie and I looked at each other. All of our friends and family stood there clapping and hollering with excitement. Even my pack brothers had been invited. Sam winked at me and smiled.
“Happy Engagement!” Alice said as she darted forward to us and gave us both huge hugs. “I hope you don’t mind, Jacob. You know how I am about parties.
“Nah…it great. Really great! Thanks Alice.”
“So…Nessie, let me see the ring!” Nessie smiled and held out her hand for examination
“Isn’t it beautiful Alice?”
“I’ll say! Good call Jacob.”
“Actually, Bella picked it out.” Nessie turned with a stunned look and I shrugged my shoulders.
“Congratulations to you!” Charlie said as he shook my hand and Alice dragged Nessie away to the inner crowd of family and friends.
“Thanks Charlie…so where is Edward?”
“Behind you” I gasped and froze as Edward placed his cold hand on my shoulder.
“Jacob…a word…if you will?” Edward said behind me
“You two better behave. Charlie said to us in a stern voice. “I have my badge on. Don’t think I won’t arrest someone tonight.” He warned
“That won’t be necessary Charlie, I just want to talk to Jacob.” Edward answered as he pulled be back thru the doorway
“Jacob, lets walk”
“Okay, Edward”
Edward turned and walked down the steps away from the house as I followed. He kept his back to me. When we were out far enough he stopped and turned to me as I braced myself to phase in defense.
“Jacob…that won’t be necessary. I have no intention of killing you now. I love Bella and Nessie too much to hurt either one with your death. I am however still angry that you deflowered my child before she was properly wed.”
“It wasn’t planned you know. Passion happens. Not that I would blame you for killing me…”
“I know…if you had a daughter…well. It’s done now. I hope you have your plans in order though. I don’t intend on Nessie being unwed for long.”
“We haven’t set a date if that’s what you mean. We just got back. Nessie and I haven’t gotten that far yet.”
“Jacob, I want my daughter wed to you before the end of this summer.”
“I understand, Edward. The sooner the better. I fully agree.”
“If you are game…I can have Alice handle the entire affair. It would be a great honor to her”
“Sure, sure. I don’t mind at all. The only thing Nessie and I want is the wedding to be held down at La Push. The reception can be held right here. It would be more fitting.”
“I agree. And the date? I thought it would be a pleasant idea to have your wedding on the same day Bella and I chose.”
“Why not? Sounds like a plan to me, Edward”
“You know…Nessie is pregnant. I can already sense the change in her.”
“What! Shut up…you can’t possibly believe that.”
“I know my daughter, Jacob. Carlisle will be able to confirm it next week.”
“She can’t be…I mean…” My voice trailed off . I was completely taken off guard. But as I looked at Edward’s serious expression he nodded in confirmation as my mouth hung open.
“Does she know?” I asked him
“No…not yet. I don’t think it would be wise to tell her either. Or anyone else until it’s confirmed. Let Carlisle test her first.”
“We’re not ready? I don’t have anything ready for her yet.” I said as the idea of my current situation made my heart sink. My dad’s house was always too small for a family. It was a real pain to grow up in that shack. My bedroom was a tiny closet. Certainly not big enough for a proper crib or nursery.
“Better get started Jacob. If her pregnancy is anything like Bella’s…time may already be running out.”
“Edward…what the hell am I going to get accomplished in less than two months.”
“I don’t really think Nessie’s pregnancy will be as quick as Bella’s was. Alice would have seen it. But I will see if she can verify the arrival date. You should have thought about this before Jacob. I will help you as best as I can. Now straighten up, and let’s get back to the party”
Edward walked past me and headed back to the house. I was stuck in place. Horror ran through me as the consequences of my actions hit me in the stomach.
“Come, Jacob…there is nothing you can do tonight. Let’s try to make the best of this evening”
I turned on my heels and started to catch up to Edward. I was still shaking my head.
“Clear your mind Jacob. Do not falter and get Nessie upset by your mood.”
“That’s a tall order, Edward. Maybe you should have told me this after the party.”
“You know how much I love to see you suffer” He chuckled
“Thanks…Dad” I whimpered
“You’re welcome, son” he said. And that got us both laughing. Finally!
The rest of the party went off like a bang as music and dancing continued late into the evening. Nessie went home with her parents and I returned home to my father’s house. When I walked in I began to inspect the tiny shack. I thought of what the possibilities were of renovation. Maybe I could knock down this wall, or those two. Maybe I should take the roof off and build upward. Maybe I should knock it down all together and start fresh. I couldn’t sleep. I paced the house wearing the floorboard thin with each step. My mind was going in circles. I sat down at the table finally and began to draw out a new plan for the house. I wore out the lead in the pencil and completely used up the eraser as I scratched out my ideas. I didn’t have the money to buy a new house. It would take too long to sell my father’s shack because it wasn’t worth much of anything. But this was the place Nessie has shown me she wanted our family to be in. I wasn’t going to take that dream away from her now. When I had some good ideas in place I knew I would need a lot of help. I was going to have to get the pack involved. A team as big as our pack would blow through this project faster. In the morning I headed into town to a tool rental warehouse and picked up as many chain saws and hand saws that I could lay my hands on. My plan was basic at first. Take down as many trees around the house as needed first. The house was surrounded by pine trees. It was perfect lumber and it was free. When I got back with my load I immediately called Sam to get the guys together and come over as soon as possible. Of course with the speed of the pack they all arrived in minutes.
“Hey Guys?”
“Jake? What’s up?” Sam said
“Where is Leah?” I asked Sam
“She’s at your garage. She said she had a lot of paperwork to do” Sam answered. Not that I really did mind the fact that Leah wasn’t present. So I shrugged.
“So guys…here is my plan. You guys know Nessie and I are getting married and we all know how small my dad’s house is. So…I need to make renovations if Nessie and I plan to have a family in the future.” A round of high fives and palm slaps went around the pack.
“Okay, Jake…how can we help?” Quil asked
“We got you back, Jake…just tell us what to do” Jared said as I could see he was ready to go.
“Okay guys. Let’s take down some forest! I smiled as I opened the trunk of the Mustang and pulled out the first chain saw. I could see the idea of power tool was up everyone’s alley. I headed for the end of the property line furthest away from the house yanking the chain saw’s motor to life as I picked out my first target and began to saw away. The pack took my lead as Sam and Paul began to cut into trees. When my tree fell to the ground Jared, Seth, Embry and Quil hauled it towards the house. We went about the project all day until the sun set. When we stopped for the evening we had taken down 50 trees, halved them all and removed the branches.
“So Jacob, you’re coming back to Emily’s place for dinner, right?” Sam asked. I knew it would be impolite to refuse him at this point.
“Sure, sure. I’m just going to call Bella quick.” I promised
“Bella? Why?” he asked
“Well, I’m trying to keep this a secret from Nessie. Sort of a surprise? So I need Bella to keep Nessie occupied for me for a while.”
“You’re going to avoid Nessie?”
“Nah, Nah…I’ll still see her at Bella’s place. That’s all”
“You know Jake…this project is going to put you out of the house for a while. Where did you plan on staying.”
“Hum…hadn’t thought of that”
“Well it’s settle then, you’re going to stay with me and Emily until we are finished, okay?”
“Okay, Sam. That would be great. Thanks a lot.”
“See you soon. Don’t be too long. You know I can’t keep the pack back long from eating up all the food Emily cooks.” He winked
“Sure, sure”
Sam followed the packs lead back to Emily’s as I headed into the house to make my call. Two rings later and Nessie picked up.
“Hey beautiful!”
“Jake…I miss you.”
“I miss you too, sweetie. Is your mom there. I need to ask her something.”
“Sure, hang on a sec.”
“Hey Jacob, what’s up?”
“Hey Bells…I need to ask you a favor.”
“Edward told me, already. Sure no problem.” I forgot the fact that Edward
“What did you have in mind?”
“Don’t worry, Jake. Alice has her so busy right now with wedding plans.”
“Oh…okay. That makes me feel better. Listen, I’m going to be staying with Sam for a while. Just give Nessie a heads up for me…”
“So she doesn’t drop by. I got it Jacob. No worries.”
“Great! Can I talk to Nessie again.”
“Sure, hang on a sec.”
“Jacob?” Nessie said
“Hey sweetie. Listen, I’ll drop by and see you tomorrow for lunch, okay? I love you.”
“Okay, I love you to Jake. Good night.”
“Sleep well, honey.”
I let her hang up the phone first. I hung up my phone and packed an overnight bag before I headed to Emily’s with the Mustang. When I arrived, just as Sam said the pack had nearly consumed the whole house full of food that Emily prepared. Lucky for me Emily saved me a huge plate. Sam and I sat down to go over the plans for the house while the guys headed home for the evening. Sam made sure everyone was on board for tomorrow at dawn.
“So Jacob, what’s your plan?”
“Sam, take a look at this and tell my honestly what you think. I want this place to grow big enough for a big family.” I pulled out my plans and handed them to Sam for review.
“I know what you’re thinking, Jake. If we take out the side here, and open the roof up we could easily extend the kitchen westward and add four bedrooms upstairs. Couple of closets here and you really should add a second bathroom. By the way, I know about Nessie.”
“Man! I knew you would catch that. Hey don’t-“
“Don’t worry, Jacob. No one else knows. It’s an Alpha thing remember.”
“Okay, thanks Sam.”
“So you really think it’s true, what Edward said about Nessie-“
“I just don’t know. He might be just telling me this to scare me to death, or get me to move faster on the wedding. I just don’t know.”
“Well your family is ready to help you any way we can, you know that.”
“I know Sam. I’m really grateful too. Especially to you and Emily. Thanks for letting me stay here.”
“Jacob it’s the least I can do after-“
“Sam, don’t start that again!”
“I just wish your dad was here. It’s a tragic shame he didn’t get a chance-“
“Sam, I’m sure my dad’s spirit will be there on my wedding day. Don’t worry.”
“What are you going to do about the garage while this going on.”
“I have faith in Seth and Leah. Can you let Seth down easy though? He was having way to much fun today.”
“I got it.”
“Sam, how long do you think this construction will take?”
“I bet no longer than a month. Depends on how fast we move. If we plow through every day like today. We have to go back for more tools tomorrow.”
“Yeah, I know. Money is a bit tight.”
“Don’t worry about the money, Jacob. I’ve got a bit saved. Emily and I had been thinking of starting a family too.”
“Sam I can’t take your money-“
“Jacob…if Nessie is pregnant. You need it more that Emily and I do right now.”
“Jacob! This is not up for discussion.”
“At least let me pay you back”
“No way…it a wedding slash baby gift to you and Nessie.
“That’s too much Sam”
“I decide what’s too much for my family, Jacob. Now get some rest. Emily made the spare bedroom up for you. We head out early tomorrow.”
“Okay Sam, Emily…thanks again.”
“Jacob…your family. Now go to bed” Emily said.
“Good night guys.”
“Good night Jacob. We’ll wake you at dawn”
I headed upstairs to the spare bedroom. I hadn’t slept last night and I was exhausted. As soon as I hit the bed I was out cold.
Sam woke me at dawn and we ate breakfast while we went over the plans for today again. Then we went to Forks to pick up more supplies. We filled the Mustang up inside and even tied stuff to the roof. Sam phased and ordered the pack up for the day. He made sure Leah and Seth went straight to the shop. When we got back to my dad’s house. The guys were already there. Sam went over the plans with the guys while I unpacked the Mustang. I picked up a sledge hammer as Sam got the guys prepped for the day. Sam got a sledge hammer too. Then the guys headed with me to the westward wall of the house. I spun quick on my heels addressed the guys.
“Ready?” I asked with an evil grin on my face.
“Ready!” a resounding answer in agreement came back to me.
I swung the sledge hammer around over my twisting body and cracked it through the west wall of my dad’s house while the guys howled. Another swing from Sam’s sledge hammer and the wall began to buckle slightly. My second swing at the main support brought the wall crumbling down with part of the roof attached. When the swinging stopped the guys began to clear the debris pile away to the far end of the property while Sam and I admired our work. This was only the beginning and I was glad to have Sam by my side. Sam and I went back and got two-by fours and entered the house. We propped up sections of the roof that had begun to fall from the absence of the wall. Sam and the guys began to set up scaffolding on the side of the house while I moved furniture to the front door. The plan was to clear out the house of anything necessary. Quil and Jared began to move the furniture into my garage. Sam, Paul, Embry and I packed up the breakable things. When the house was cleared out, Sam and I climbed the roof and began to saw through sections with precision. We had mapped out the exact sections needed to create the four upstairs bedrooms and second bathroom. The west wall extension was going to be the bigger kitchen Nessie and I needed. We tackled the roof as the guys ripped out the original kitchen. The original kitchen would become a formal dining room. By the middle of the day. The guys and I had removed what looked like half the house. Sam secured tarps over the exterior to keep the rain out as I excused myself to see Nessie for lunch like I had planned. Sam and the guys would head back to Emily’s place for lunch. I was really to hyped up to eat but I wasn’t going to disappoint my fiancée. When I pulled up to Bella’s place Nessie ran out to greet me.
“Jacob!” she smiled as she ran towards me.
“Hey beautiful!” I said as she ran into my arms and I hugged her.
“We have sandwiches ready.”
“Great, I’m hungry like a bear.”
“Come on, Jake.”
I let her drag me into the house. I was taken back for a minute as I saw all the things Alice had already gathered for the big wedding day. Alice had picked out the finest crystal stemware, elegant dishes with a delicate blue floral pattern, presents had begun to arrive from far away guests, and beautiful linens were stacked neatly on a side table. It was all too much. But I knew Alice had extraordinary taste. Nessie and I sat together as I let her gush about all of Alice’s plans. I just smiled and let her talk as I stuffed sandwiches in my mouth. When lunch was done, I excused myself and headed to the door with Nessie. I could tell Nessie was disappointed by my short stay with her. I lied and told her it was just because I was behind at the garage and I had to catch up from our vacation. I hated to lie to her, but it necessary.
When I got back to the house I found Sam had put Quil and Jared to work digging out the ground where the new kitchen would be. Paul, Embry and Jared had cut through the floor and were hauling it out to the debris pile. Sam was busy tapping off the water supply and rerouting it towards the new extension. They had made so much progress while I was gone. I felt kind of bad that I had stayed with Nessie so long during lunch.
“Hey Sam, How can I help? Sorry I was gone so long.”
“Jacob. No problem…I’m almost done with the cutting the water supply. Grab a shovel and help Quil and Jared, okay?”
“Okay” I said and headed out to work. The day passed quickly from then on as dusk came. Sam and I headed back to Emily’s. The guys were asked to head home and hit the sack early. Sam and I went over the plans again before bed. At dawn we were back at the house and worked till dusk. This strategy continued all week. Sam kept the momentum moving ahead with great speed. I was really beginning to feel my life changing right before my eyes.
The week flew by so quickly. It was time to find out if Edward had been right about Nessie being pregnant. I really wasn’t looking forward to this as I prepared myself at Emily’s place for the short drive over to Carlisle’s house. Carlisle planned to give Nessie a basic home pregnancy test. When I eventually began to drive over the trip felt longer than usual. Probably because I was driving too slow. I eventually arrived at Carlisle’s house to discover Nessie waiting for me on the front porch. She smiled happily at me as I parked the Mustang, got out and headed towards her. I realized she had no idea what was about to happen. I greeted her and led her into the house without saying anything out of the ordinary. My heart was pounding thru my chest. I took her upstairs to meet Carlisle, Edward and Bella. Nessie suddenly got the gist that something was about to happen. Carlisle led the conversation as the rest of us listened.
“So Nessie, we have to do something really important right now. Edward, Bella and I know that you and Jacob were intimate with each other in Hawaii. I as a doctor I have to perform a simple test on you right now.”
“What kind of test?” Nessie asked as she looked to me. I couldn’t answer her as I hung my head.
“Sweetie, Carlisle has to check to see if you are pregnant.” Bella answered. Edward began to grind his teeth.
“Pregnant?” Nessie asked Bella
“Yes, Nessie.” Carlisle added “It’s very important.”
Nessie began to tense up as Bella took the home pregnancy test from Carlisle’s hand and led Nessie into the bathroom. I took a seat on one of the chairs. Five minutes went by and Nessie and Bella returned to the room. Bella handed the test to Carlisle. Carlisle read the results and handed the test to Edward. Edward ground his teeth again and hand the test to me. I looked at the test and the result was Positive. I didn’t know how to react. Nessie’s eyes scanned the room looking for answers. She kept staring at me as I handed the test back to Carlisle. I couldn’t look at Nessie. I could feel her eyes burning into me. Edward and Bella left the room with Carlisle in toe. I guess they were going to leave me to tell her. Now I had to decide how to tell her. Do I make this happy news or sad news. I searched my feeling for a minute. Nessie broke my silence with her voice.
“Jacob…what’s wrong with me?” she asked.
I got up from the chair. I didn’t know how she was going to take the news. Would she break down and become hysterical with fear or would she be happy. I walked over to her and held her in my arms for a moment. Then I whispered happily in her ear. “Honey, I love you. We are going to be parents.” She broke down in my arms sobbing. I took that as she was scared to death as I tried to soothe the now. “Nessie, don’t be scared. I’ve got you. I’m not leaving your side. Everything will be fine. We can do this.”
“I’m not scared Jacob. I’m happy.” She whispered
I couldn’t believe my ears as I let her go and cradled her face in my hands looking deeply into her eyes. My face was inches away from hers. “You’re really happy? Because I am! I chuckled
“Yes. We’re going to start our family.” She smiled through the tears and I kissed her softly.
Now my true feeling sunk into me. I really was happy. Damn happy! I’m going to be a father! Nessie was going to be my wife soon and now we were expecting our first child! Life can’t get any better! I just started laughing as I gently pulled her off the table into my arms. At this point I was going to be a delicate with her as possible. I hugged her body to mine and took the whole moment in. I relished every second that passed. I knew Carlisle, Edward and Bella were concerned about Nessie pregnancy. But I held the belief that Nessie had check and confirmed that we were a perfect biological match. So as long as Nessie wasn’t scared, I wasn’t going to be scared either.