This is my first chapter of this story hope you like it. I have been writing for a while now I just have never put it on the internet so we‘ll see how it goes. If you guys like the first couple chapters I guess I will write more .This story starts in the beginning of New Moon when Edward leaves Bella. Hope you like it. Jacob will come into the story in the next chapter or two so don’t worry! From: Gabbrielle :)

I woke up to the screaming of my alarm clock. I slammed the off button. Great I thought as I very slowly got out of bed. I started walking to my bathroom. It was Monday morning in February. I stopped to looked out my window, it was cloudy, like every day here in Forks. Why should I even expect different. I could feel that my shoulders were sore from the day before. It was the first Day of Lacrosse practice this year. “Ugh” I said as I stared into the bathroom mirror. My dark brown hair was messy, my eyes were tired, and my shirt was slouching. I looked at the time. It was 6:30. I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth. I put on some eyeliner and mascara. After I straightened my hair I ran to the closet and picked out the usual, Buckle jeans and a Hollister v-neck. “CAMI, BREAKFAST” my mom screamed from downstairs. I grabbed my school bag and headed downstairs to see scrambled eggs, toast, and orange juice on the table for me. “Hello” I said to my mother. “hey Cami how’s your morning?” she asked in her usual bouncy way. “Good. Do you know if we are doing anything tonight” I asked. I really needed to see Bella Swan. The last time I talked to her she was madly in love with Edward Cullen. She would be next to him all the time if she could. She and I were great friends and even though she didn’t like to talk about her personal feelings with everyone she always told me how she was. She said she felt like I was safe with the information. The only problem was that I was told that Edward had left town with all his family and belongings a couple days ago. It must have crushed Bella. “No I don’t think so honey, is there something you would like to do” my mom asked. “I was thinking about going over to Bella’s after school” I said. “that sounds like a good idea. You better get going you have school soon.” my mom said. I looked at the clock, it was 7:30. “Wow. I guess I’ll see you later then. Bye mom.” I said while walking out the door. I got out the keys to my white Audi Q5 and started the car. My mom always told me that the color didn't go well with my natural tan skin. It was alright i didn't really mind. I slowly pulled out of the drive way and was on my way to school.

As I gathered my school things I saw her. Bella. She looked terrible. Like she was hit by a train and left on the tracks. Her hair was tied back at the bottom of her neck. Her clothes must have been thrown on her body. She was dragging her school bag in one hand. She hadn’t washed her face. She looked helpless. I ran over to her. “ Bella are you alright!” I asked. “Cami, He’s gone” was all she could get out. “Let me take you home” I said. She didn’t argue as I put her body in the passenger side of my car. I drove slowly, I was afraid she would have some sort of attack if I went too fast. “What about my car” she asked. “We’ll come to get it later but I think you should lay down first” I answered. We reached her house. Her dad wasn’t home at work probably, I assumed. I helped her get to the couch and put her down. I sat next to her. “ what happened to you” I said still in shock. “ Edward left me here because he said he didn’t want me. Everything was going fine until Jasper tried to bite me at my party.” Bella said. I looked at her funny. “Why would Jasper try and bite you. I mean that is not normal. I don’t go around biting people.” I said confused. She smiled slightly. “ jasper, well I mean all of the Cullens are vampires” my mouth dropped “They are good vampires though, Vegetarians, they only bite animals and not humans. Jasper just had a hard time controlling himself when I got a paper cut opening a birthday present. Then Edward threw me against the wall trying to get me away from Jasper as he ran toward me. That of course didn’t help, I got cut even more by the glass table that I fell on” She pulled up her sleeves to show me her bandages running all the way up her arm. My mouth stayed open. “The rest of the Cullens had to leave the room except Carlisle so they wouldn’t take a lunge at me either. Carlisle stitched me up and took me home. I felt horrible. A couple days later when I got home from school Edward told me to come with him on a walk. If I would have known what he was going to say I wouldn’t have gone. I followed him into the woods for like 4 feet. He told me he was leaving and promised me that I would never see him again.” She put her arms around her chest and sobbed. I didn’t know what to say instead I just hugged her.