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posted by moonlightgirl
Whenever we hear the word 'Twilight', many names and things come into our mind. Most common examples are Edward, Bella, Cullens, Forks, La Push etc. But if it were one of us in this fan spot, whenever we hear or see the word 'Twilight', one guy pops into our mind.

And that is none other than our very own Jacob Black, the big bad yet adorable wolf of the saga.

Why do we love this character in Twilight when others consider him as the 'Third Wheel' and the biggest threat to Edward and Bella's relationship?

Here are the reasons:

Jacob is obviously one of the most significant characters in the series....
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Not in a bad way. We think. But apparently Taylor Lautner's routine in the gym is paying off in more than one respect.

In a recent interview by Access Hollywood with Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Peter admitted to Taylor creating fear in the hearts of his co-stars: “He scares me now!” Peter joked. “He’s gotten really big and if I saw him in a back alley, I’d probably run!” (somehow TwilightBlog.net is thinking that the girls would be running TOWARDS Taylor, but that's just our opinion)

However, it is not just Taylor who is creating the whirlpool of fear. The rest of the wolf pack is doing a fair job of it too! Peter added that the “werewolves are coming out of the woodwork. They scare me!”

Hmmmm. We knew Taylor was getting huge from his new found obsession over the gym to reprise his role as Jacob, but wow. He's big enough to be scaring people now. Yikes! Sounds like the perfect werewolf.
posted by Hellohoudini
FIRST PUBLISHED: April 28, 2009 4:59 PM EDT
LAST UPDATED: April 28, 2009 5:15 PM EDT
LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
Taylor Lautner’s hard work in the gym bulking up to play a werewolf in “New Moon” appears to have paid off – he’s scaring his co-stars.

Access Hollywood caught up with “New Moon” star Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire Dr. Cullen, at the “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” premiere in LA Monday night where he admitted his newfound fear of Taylor.

“He scares me now!” Peter joked with Access. “He’s gotten really big and if I saw him in a back alley, I’d probably run!”...
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posted by misjones39
This isn’t that bad- Jacob

It was killing me that Lilly wasn’t around. But time to handle business.
We all were now sitting in a circle around Sam, by this time he was fully healed and ready to talk.
“It was all so fast.” He started” I was out there just checking the perimeters out when a cloaked figure was staring at me in the forest. I decided to investigate from a distance. But my mind was blurred. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. It’s like it had some kind of control over me. “Sam said. He hated the fact that he was almost defeated. We all stared at him trying to figure...
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posted by misjones39
Phase- Lily

When I heard Jacob yell my name I almost slipped and fell in the shower.
“Jake I’m in the shower!” I replied. The soap slipped out my hand and landed on my toe. Surprise enough it didn’t even hurt that much. I was so focused on making the shower as cold as I could. I was burning up.
I got out the shower dried off and ringed my hair. I was exhausted. I felt like crap. My head was still hurting, my feet legs. Hell every part of my body was aching. Everything was spinning. I was glad that Jake stayed with me last night. But I still didn’t feel that much better. And let’s not...
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posted by misjones39

OW! I yelped as I closed my finger on the car door. “DAMN, DAMN, DAMN OWWWWWW!”
Everyone and I mean everyone across the reservations school grounds starred. “Great” I whispered to myself sarcastically. Haven’t been back in two years, and I already found a way to embarrass myself. I wasn’t really looking forward to my first day back; considering I was now of age to attend high school against my will. O well, only one and a half years to go I thought. At least I had College to look forward too. And even better, being back to my friends and family.
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First of all this is an opinion. If you think i'm making your day bad because of this article, don't read it. It's just a matter of opinion.

Recently, I posted a question here in the Jacob Black fanpop site. It was entitled 'Give me 5 reasons why Jacob is better than Edward.' I posted the question because I knew that this spot was visited by Jake's fans. I received a lot of good answers but there was one leech who ruined everyone's answers.

I won't name the leech who gave nasty comments. All i can say is she really HATES Jacob because she thinks Edward is hot.

Now, to Jacob's defense...I'll give...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Sorry it took so long!! Here it FINALLY is!! Its just a filler again, so Chapter Nine will be better!! Thanks for being so patient!!
Chapter Eight

    When I woke up, I couldn’t remember all that had happened until I felt Jacob laying beside me. Then everything came rushing back with amazing clearness. The shock of it all made me gasp. Having a vampire trying to kill you certainly took a toll on your emotions. Jacob sat up slowly, trying to get awake.
“ You ok?” He asked, probably hearing my gasp just a moment before.
I took a moment to respond. “ Yeah. I just feel...
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Warning: Thist is just my fantasy coming through. And some information to you; the story plays before Bella became a Vampire and there is no Nessie in sight. So its just for our little Jacob's sake, he needs some luving.

...and so the story goes on

Right into it
I was alive, more than the past few months. I was able to sleep and more important i was willing to face the world. And why? All happened two days ago, when i had only one wish: To forget. But instead of that, my pain got washed away by a human girl. I didnt know her name, and i wasnt sure if i ever got a chance ot find out.- but she...
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Warning: Thist is just my fantasy coming through. And some information to you; the story plays before Bella became a Vampire and there is no Nessie in sight. So its just for our little Jacob's sake, he needs some luving.

Even when your heart breaks...
I had to get over it, i kept telling that to myself, but love was such a cruel monster. Bella Swan. She was what i wanted, and yet the only thing that i couldnt get. Since she came into my life, all the other girls became grey and blurry. Everyone around thought i had lost my mind, and i couldnt blame them. I couldnt sleep, i only ate cause my body...
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posted by Stmsteph
She's not coming back
La Push has come to shove
And she's through with you
Can't you see
You're just a dog to me
If you come near her again
I'll eat you too

First you missed her
Then you kissed her
I'm just watching
You think you're fine
I'm waiting
Don't you screw up
Or you're mine

You're nothing but a dog
Its time for you to face the truth
You're nothing but a dog
And she's still way too good for you
Watch your back cause who knows what I'll do
Jacob Black I've got my eye on you

The other day
I thought I heard you say
May the best man win
But I see through your ploy
You might think
That you are on the brink
Of winning her love
But you are just a boy

You were there to save her life
When I was far away
Differences aside and
I'll say thank you anyway
The bigger man will shake your hand
And pretty soon you'll see
In your mind you're kissing her
In life she's kissing me
posted by xXjakeloverXx
Chapter Seven
    My shrill scream echoed through the silent house. Almost before I could blink, Jameka was gone. A huge russet wolf lunged at her and they both fell to land on the ground below. Jacob was snarling, circling Jameka warily. Jameka was crouched in her defensive stance, fingers extended like claws, low snarls coming from her chest to match Jacob’s. Only a second later, Edward, Emmett and Jasper were there, standing by Jacob. Carlisle emerged from the house only a second after that. Man, these vamps were fast.
Once Jameka saw how outnumbered she was, she slowly...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Chapter Six
    I was a little nervous about returning to the house. I mean, everyone knew about the “incident” since Edward’s ability to read minds.
“ Don’t worry.” Jacob said softly into my ear as we neared the house.
“ How did you know?” I asked, amazed at his acuteness of knowing how I was feeling.
“ Because.” he smiled and lifted his hand, tracing a finger down the space in between my eyebrows. “ You get little worry lines here.”
I blushed a little. I didn’t know I was that transparent. We arrived at the front door.
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posted by MRrS_BbLAaCk
OMG!!!!i jst found out dat dakota fanning iz playiin jane...iz it tru??iz she really gonna play jane
4 doze whu dont no dakota fanning iz she'z da main character from da golden compass

well i dunno bout dat but i dont like da grl
besidez iznt she 2 yung 2 play jane??

oh well,we'll c wen da muviie cumz out wat will b da outcum

i jst noe new mun'z gunna b gr8
mayb even gr8'r dan twilight
oh well whu noez

well ciao 4 now
tC evry1

gudniite |-)
p.s.im writin diis at like 10-45
comment bak or add me as a fren
peace out brova'z
posted by xXjakeloverXx
Chapter Five

    We both ran out of breath eventually and he pulled his lips from mine, resting them on my neck.
I was gasping, my mind still whirling uncontrollably.
“ Wow.”
I could feel his lips pull up into a smile.
“ Yeah I know.” His voice was slightly muffled by my neck and hair. His lips were distracting as he kissed up my neck.
“ Jake…” I trailed off, the sight of him kissing Renesmee still fresh in my mind. He sighed and pulled away, straightening to his full height.
“ Will you let me explain?” His chocolate eyes were sad, holding me captive.
“ Yeah.”...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
heres CHapter Four!!

Chapter Four

    Her eyes weren’t quite the golden color of all the others, they were still slightly murky. She stared at me with a expression I couldn’t make out.
“ Hi Mika. it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Edward’s voice was like honey.
“ Hi. Um, nice to meet you too.” I murmured softly, trying to look away from Bella’s penetrating stare.
“ Bella stop. You’re making her uncomfortable.” Edward said softly.
Bella looked away from me a moment and stared into Edward’s eyes. The tension that crackled between them seemed to fill the room...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Heres chapter three!!!!!

Chapter Three

    I was relaxing on my bed, wallowing in my misery listening to music when something scraped against my window. I jumped and stifled a scream. It was dark outside and long shadows cast eerie shapes on my walls. I pulled off my head phones and scooted slowly off my bed. I could still hear D.H.T‘s Listen To Your Heart playing. How ironic. I creeped toward my window, preparing for something scary. I looked around. Nothing. I opened it and leaned my head out. Only darkness. I felt scared. My heart started pounding. I tried to breathe...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Ok, this one isn't as good as the first chapter because its a filler, but stick with me! The next chapter will be better, i promise!

Chapter Two

    As the sun broke through my window, I sat up and gasped. Sun! There was actually sun shining in La Push, Washington! I jumped out of bed and rushed to my window, yanking my curtain out of the way. But as I looked out, it wasn’t the sun that was on my mind anymore. Glancing at Jacob’s house, the memories of the wolves came back to haunt me once again. I had trouble getting to sleep last night. The more I thought about it, the...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Sorry, its kinda long, but stick with it and let me know if there should be a Chapter two!!

I stared out the window, my mood matching the gloomy weather outside. I took in the lush green landscape of Forks, Washington, as it flew past my window. My dad was a professor who was fascinated with old Indian legends. We were on our way to La Push, a reservation occupied with Quileute Indians. Apparently, the Quileute’s were descendents of shape shifters, people who could change shapes and become wolves. Yeah right. I wasn’t convinced at all, but my dad was completely sold on the idea. This wasn’t...
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posted by MRrS_BbLAaCk
it's official!!
taylor lautner has officially been confirmed 4 playing jacob black in the twilight sequel,new moon.

wen i hrd diis i was flabbergasted...i can not wait till da muvii3 cumz out,especially siince itz mostly bout him n bella

i think dis was a wiize decision as im sure
the new director,chris weiitz,
wanted 2 keep the muvvii3 real and just as exciitiing

dis is the best newzi hav hrd so far on new moon,other than the fact that vanessa hudgens miite play leah clearwater

well ciao 4 now

p.s.i luv jacob black