the love of my life -poem-

i remember the first time i seen you
you were as beautiful as can be
your amazing smile touch my heart and completed me when i talk to you i was talking to a beautiful angel up above you had the biggest smile on your face it made me fall in love i started to have all these feeling for you because i found the girl of my dreams the sun came out and brighten me with it beants it made me feel so nice and warm inside these are feeling i sure cannot hide i will never forget that special day because those memories are kept in my heart and wont go away. evey day i got to talked to you and see u my life wuzz paradise. i got to go see heaven in your eyes,the site was beautiful it was a dream come true i wish we were together just u and me evey time i gazed in your eyes i can feel that special feeling. when my heart is broken youre the one thats making it healing. i will never forget the summer cuzz that when i get to see u the good time i give it a toast my dear. you have alway been ther for me.for good and bad,they were the beast days of my life that i ever had i dont know what i would do without are the world to me,i am giving my heart for are everything to me i wish you new just how much u make my day with just one single touch.all i want in my life is you your so wonderful,all do anything to be with you.i will love you till the moon doesnt glow i will love you till the winds dont blow.i WILL love u till the sun doesnt shine,i will love you forever even know your not are my best friend and you always will i just hop someday me and u will be together so that i can show my love for real...!

alway & forever -poem- from humphry-Real3 and help from a guy name anythony gabel he help me make it but i did all the work lol